Low Cost Senior Care Franchise

Senior Care franchises tend to follow a very similar delivery model. A rather large up front franchise fee, then high royalty fees and ongoing service fees for the life of the business.

low cost senior care franchise

This model is derived from ‘brand’ based franchise models that have been historically used on other franchise areas such as fast food, and other product based areas.  But is this the best model for service based business’s where the franchisee is often bringing expertise and qualifications to the business, and these are real assets that contribute to the success of the business, as well as the franchise brand?

Quite often the franchisee has considerable experience in the Healthcare industry, maybe as much as the franchiser themselves. Quite often interested future franchisees have this profile, but may not has the liquid funds to pay a large up front franchise fee, and large royalties, particularly in the early stages of a new business.

HomeHealth24x7® looked into the best ways to attract industry qualified and experienced franchisees, and found that one of the best ways would be to have a minimal initial franchise fee, and to eliminate royalties altogether.

With this model the home health care industry could attract a lot more nurses and para health professionals to start their own business, with the support of a comprehensive franchise system.

Previously, the initial franchise fee with HomeHealth24x7® was $49,000. This was similar to many franchises in the senior care industry sector. It is now $500. HomeHealth24x7® still does not charge any ongoing royalties.

So, what would this mean to a new franchisee? Well, beyond the saving of $49,000 right off the bat, the new business owner does not have any fees due to HomeHealth24x7®, until there are actual paying patients for the business.

All the franchise software and systems are available to the franchisee right from contract signing – without charge. All the initial and on-going training is available to the franchisee right from contract signing – without charge. So, you can see that a new franchisee has a real start in business without the burden of debt.

This sounds too good to be true. Right?

Well, it is good – but it is true. A new franchisee has enough to pay for in just starting up a new business. There are legal and insurance costs, office rent, employees, maybe a car, and advertising. The list goes on. But wouldn’t a saving of at least $49,000 make a real difference in any new business?

We think so; so we changed our model to reflect the real world needs of our franchisees. We want to attract franchisees from the healthcare industry; those with passion for caring, and provide them with a system for business success.

How does HomeHealth24x7® make money to cover the cost of running and developing a first rate franchise system? Simple, by charging a simple flat fee per patient, we are able to recoup the costs of our system. To be clear, that is the only recurring cost that is charged by HomeHealth24x7®. If you have no patients, you are invoiced ZERO, NADA, NIL.

We are so confident that you will develop your business into a great success that we are willing to take that gamble. We also know that by not burdening you with upfront costs and debt, your chances of success improve significantly.

Sound a little bit interesting? Well, we would love to hear from you. We still are very selective on who we offer franchises to, but if you have the passion for the industry, and are willing to work hard to develop your business, then this may just be the right option for you.

Call HomeHealth24x7® on 888-984-2210, or email us franchise@homehealth24x7.ca


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