Stopping Active Shooters With New Technology

Stopping Active Shooters With New Technology

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August 30, 2017 –A leading Israeli security expert, Eran Jedwab has invented and is bringing to market a remarkable security visualization system ideal for security guards, law enforcement and first responders. The technology uses situational awareness, 3-D imaging and auto-orientation to identify, track and apprehend intruders or deal with evolving emergency situations. The system is called JedEye™. It is the first major perimeter security upgrade since digital. JedEye is focused on stopping active shooter and intruder situations and saving lives.

“Threat situations develop very rapidly and are often fast moving,” says Eran Jedwab “which makes it hard to law enforcement and security personnel to isolate the threat and neutralize it.”

After doing security in the Israeli Army, Jedwab led a major security project for Israel’s settlement villages. It was here that Jedwab worked out solutions for rapid action in the case of a security incident.

Jedwab found that while camera and sensor systems are great, they don’t help much in emergencies because security personnel have trouble understanding where the threat is and how to isolate it. Making the camera system smart, self-orienting and responsive, and without the need for intermediaries is the “secret sauce” of the JedEye™ system. “If you just have pictures without a roadmap it is like driving with your windshield covered.”
The US company is Jedvice LLC based in Baltimore Maryland, but the Jedvice software development team is in Israel. “Our guys have a lot of experience with all kinds of threats including the most lethal, so their experience is very important to making our product effective,” says Eran.

The JedEye™ product is compatible with all existing camera and camera-sensor systems and provides a significant security upgrade.

For more information contact: Per Jacobsen
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