New Store in Coventry named Buddha boutique by Yogamasti.

New Store in Coventry named Buddha boutique by Yogamasti.

Yogamasti has been a long standing online yoga clothing brand in the UK that custom makes their clothing line and has now opened a small Boutique shop.

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Coventry CV1 5ED, United Kingdom (July 30, 2017) – Buddha Boutique as their name implies from Yogamasti quality clothing company. The company is mainly focused towards clothing and wellness.

The Boutique sells many unique clothing and quality product. The store itself has been called an Aladdin’s Cave and this is very true. You could spend hours wandering the shelves drinking in every detailed statue, inhaling every exotic scent and running your hands over exquisite embroidery. The idea is to bring this magic close to everyone who desires it. It will be an honor for you to love the product and feel happy of what you have.

Beginning from a small container in the Fargo Creative Village in Coventry, the Buddha Boutique has gone from strength to strength and the unique blend of holistic, ethnic, and spiritual products to the World Wide Web is being brought.

Aanika Chopra, the female entrepreneur and founder of Yogamasti, travels the world selecting a diverse range of beautiful and exotic items. From Buddhist temple door handles to bronze statues to organic incenses – the Buddha Boutique houses treasures that cross continents and honor multiple faiths and local traditions.

The desire of the Buddha Boutique is to bring the ideals of Yogamasti into a boutique setting. They want Yogis, Holistic enthusiasts and shoppers who love to be inspired to be able to furnish their homes and bodies in unique and exciting ways.

About Yogamasti:
Yogamasti is yoga and clothing company and the company is presently specialized in clothing accessories for both men and women. The company functions with the mission of offering people with an interdependent quality accessories, clothings and products that are mostly used by them.

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Company: Buddha Boutique
Contact person: Joseph Erndt
Contact address: Unit 2 Fargo village, Far Gosford street Coventry Cv1 5ed.
Unit 2B, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street, Coventry CV1 5ED, United Kingdom
Business contact number:+44 7723 423719


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