Fairy Gardening – For Gardeners Who Are Younger Than They Look.

Fairy Gardening – For Gardeners Who Are Younger Than They Look
The Fairy Hedge brings a touch of magic to UK gardens

There’s a new fairy gardening brand in town!

The Fairy Hedge is the creation of Claire Turner. It has its roots in the more magical time of her childhood memories. When fairies would dance through her Granddad’s hedge as coloured, twinkling lights.

There maybe a rational explanation for this. But what Claire remembers is the sense of wonder as she watched from the living room window.

Fairy Gardening is already popular in the US, and has made it onto Pinterest’s list of top 100 emerging trends.

Fairies are IN – whether you believe or not!

And who doesn’t love a miniature world?
It sparks our imagination and creativity and brings enchantment into our lives.

A fairy garden does not need much space. Any container will do (even a broken one), although the more unusual the better.
This makes fairy gardening very accessible to people with limited outdoor space. Even a windowsill will get the job done.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t have a fairy garden in a larger space. And if you have the room you could even expand to a fairy village or city!

So indulge your inner child and let The Fairy Hedge re-open the door to a more magical time.

Contact Information:
New brand – The Fairy Hedge
Selling – Garden ornamentation – specifically fairy garden starter kit
UK market only (Amazon.co.uk)
Contact – Claire Turner
Email – cturnertrade@gmail.com

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