Christie’s RV: Travel Trailers for Sale Near Thunder Bay

Travel Trailer Near Thunder Bay

Office trailers and travel trailers might just as well be called lifesavers masked as a vehicle for how they have made life so convenient just by making construction workers have a place to rest during the midday, providing the engineers and architects with a private place and mobile office to discuss matters onsite, serving as a venue for medical missions or health drives, base of operations, mobile laboratories,  temporary classrooms or even as an emergency care facility for a disaster relief.  

While travel trailers, on the other hand, provide a new, fun and exciting way of enjoying a vacation with your friends, family, and romantic partners by being a hotel room, kitchen, outdoor grill and mobile home in one! Forget about the $200 hotel room per night when you can spend the same amount of money and even getting your own mobile home called a travel trailer. Luckily for our needs, there are office trailers and travel trailers for sale near Thunder Bay, provided by the one and only Christie’s RV!

Christie’s RV has been in the business for 45 years ever since its establishment in 1972. With Christie’s RV, all you can hear are praises for the quality of its products and services. As said in their Vision, “We strive to maintain a family of employees who will look after our family of RV owners and RV suppliers in a manner that is fair and honest for all.”

As emphasised more by Scott Christie, the General Manager of Christie’s RV, “Do one thing and do it right. RV’s may be our only business, but here at Christie’s, we are committed to three things: service, service and service. Since 1972, our philosophy has remained the same – ‘Give customers a fair price up front, followed by exceptional service after the sale.’ Not only will they be satisfied, they will be more than willing to refer family and friends.”  And true enough, the customers do keep on coming back and they always refer Christie’s RV to their fellow campers, friends and family.

So when in need for office trailers and travel trailers for sale near Thunder Bay, you know you have Christie’s RV to help you with just anything mobile trailer-related! No need to fret in looking through the internet for the possible best shop for trailers when the one is already here: Christie’s RV! Contact them through their phone for inquiries at 705-777-2200 or you can browse through their inventory in their website at

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