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Travel Trailers Ontario

Ahh,  the smell of fresh leaves, the blooming of flowers and the mountains seem to be calling out to us to enjoy the majestic view of the nature and the lakes of Canada seem to be glistening for us. Spring is surely a blessing but it sure is not gonna last that long with Summer eagerly waiting around the corner. But the inviting force to go on an adventure does not have to wait for Summer when you can start on your adventure now! With Christie’s RV, you can get the best prices in travel trailers in Ontario to get a headstart on that spring escapade you and your family have been dreaming of!

Christie’s RV in Ontario features travel trailers from trusted brands such as Jayco and Starcraft. Whether you need a new or used travel trailer, we have a lot of models available for you. Whether you want to avoid paying high mortgages, just starting out on a new business, been saving up for that dream travel trailer or you just happen to have a lot of money lying around in your bank, it is worth buying travel trailers from Christie’s RV! In our website, we sell travel trailers from ones you get to save $7,000 and up to $25,000!  It is more expensive anywhere else on the internet or in Ontario but here in Christie’s RV, we always make sure that you get the best deals and best prices in travel trailers from us.

Christie’s RV was established in 1972, and with 45 years of experience in the industry and excellent customer service, we only want the best for all of you. Our company has been passed onto from one generation to another and we will treat you like a family in need and we will certainly lend you a helping hand. We will make sure you get the best adventure out of that travel trailer you have been eyeing since day 1, or that cozy trailer your romantic partner found himself or herself smitten to.

You can visit our website at to view our whole inventory or you can call us through our Phone number: 705-777-2200 or through Toll Free: 1-800-457-9199 and you can Fax us through: 705-777-2367.

If you want to visit our warehouse, our address is at— 9 Trout Lake Road, Aweres Twp., Sault Ste. Marie Ontario with the following schedule of office hours:

April to June

Monday – Friday – 9:00am-5:30pm

Saturday – 9:00am-4:00pm

Sunday- Closed

Get the greatest deals on travel trailers for the best prices at Christie’s RV in Ontario!

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