Get Your Own Mobile Office Trailers and Portable Offices in Ontario

Mobile Office Trailer

Ontario, Canada May 11, 2017 –No matter what season it is, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, there will always be an activity somewhere in Ontario where the need for a mobile site office is needed the most.

It could be an ongoing construction, healthcare clinic, laboratory, temporary classrooms, base of operations or simply because you have an ongoing renovation in your house and you need a place where you can continue your work, most of the time, a mobile site office trailer is just what you need.

Luckily, our local Christie’s RV which has been established since 1972 can help us with just that! With 48 years of service towards its locals, they know best what to offer you and with its wide array of choices from a skid frame to washroom units, to office and lunch rooms, and if you really need a large place for a large-scale project that can fit a whole department, then the office complex is perfect for you! Did I also mention that they can customize layouts for you depending on your requirements? Yes, they do! How awesome is that?

The skid frame mobile site office trailer which has a dimension of 8×16 is perfect for small-scale projects such as personal ones since it has a built-in desk and you can fit in a couple of drawers in case you need a space to organize your files. With their skid frame unit, you would not even be bothered that you just moved in to a new and temporary place since your things will surely fit perfectly!

In cases where you need washrooms for healthcare clinics for disaster reliefs or healthcare missions in Ontario or just simply because you need a clean and sanitized place to wash up and urinate during camping, then their washroom units will save your life! Their 8×14 washroom unit possesses 3 urinal bowls and 1 for men’s, and 2 hand wash area. While the 10×32 washroom unit has 8 urinal bowls, 4 for men, and 8 hand wash areas. No need to worry about waiting in line!

Their office and lunch room mobile site office trailers have 3 choices: 10×32, 10×46 and 12×56. All of which, without a doubt, can fit all your needs! Drag in that sofa in there or put those file organizers side by side and the place would still be spacious like just how you want it to be.

Their office complex is just everything that you could ever dream of to fit your whole department. From 24×56, 36×56, 48×56 and 60×60, it would almost feel like you never left your office building! It is that big and convenient that you just cannot say no to it!

Christie’s RV is the best in the mobile site office trailers that it offers in Ontario, its years of experience in the industry and how long it has lasted through the test of the time is the only testimony that you need for you to really make them as your go-to company if you ever think of leasing mobile site office trailers! Visit their website at

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