How Can the Rio Olympics Be Securely Streamed?

Many sports fans have left for Rio de Janeiro to watch the Olympic Games in full action and since they are there, they must be getting a taste of the dangers lurking in the currently over-populated city. However, those who weren’t able to make it there are planning to live-stream the games from the comfort of their homes but does that mean that they are safe from criminals?

It is already clear that the use of Olympic Games theme is very popular among the bad guys. Popular sporting events are always used as baits by cybercriminals, as people from around the world always tend to spend hastily on different services that they think would improve their streaming experience. The number of attacks this year is low compared to the number in previous tournaments. This is due to the efforts of the IOC and SOC, which are working to eliminate all online threats.

However, cybercriminals are getting smarter everyday and they’ve changed their tactics this year in response to the efforts made by the above two organizations. Their main target this year is to attack and steal from those people who are live streaming the Olympic Games from their homes. And they’re doing this by setting up bad domain websites.

Until now, at least 230 websites have been listed as bad domains. These websites pretend to be safe and elegant and allow users to live stream the games or participate in bogus lucky draws. Their intent is to somehow win the viewer’s trust and make them give away their credit card details. They also infect users’ PCs with dangerous malware without their knowledge. The rest is simple. They either monitor or take remote control of the users’ PC or steal their money via the acquired credit card details.

Protecting money is easy; viewers should make sure NOT to give credit card details to any website, even if it seems trustworthy. The hard part is to stop these sites from downloading malware into users’ PCs while they’re live streaming Olympics. So the question is, how can users securely stream Rio Olympics? An easy way users can protect themselves is to subscribe to the best VPN service.

The best VPN service gives users complete security by encrypting their online communications. It also provides them with the best online speed compared to other VPN services, so that they may enjoy buffer-free Olympic live streaming. Viewers wishing to subscribe to the best VPN service can watch olympics online securely and freely from any country.

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