Are you In the Midst of Surveillance and Need a VPN For Torrenting?

Meta Description: If you’re against surveillance and looking for a VPN that unblocks geo-restricted websites for you, you’re at the right place.

VPNs are tools that are widely used for a private internet experience and unblocking geo-restricted websites. Essentially, a VPN provides you with unrestricted freedom over the internet.

The global authoritarian system is now pushing private and government organizations in democratic nations to adapt surveillance tools. Over the past few years, much has been said about security and surveillance. Whistleblower Edward Snowden has been a game changer who leaked documents about how the NSA is spying on its own people in the US. Local authorities such as the police are handed permits freely to invade the privacy of private citizens’ devices.

Surveillance has been going on since the time when governments deployed spies in various countries to gather intricate information that might bring an advantage for them. Surveillance will keep taking place regardless of our efforts to make it stop. With that being said, how do you protect yourself from mass surveillance while browsing the internet? The answer to that question is a VPN.  A VPN or a Virtual Private Network enables you to go incognito on the internet.

With a VPN, you have the ability to be anonymous and you are protected with strong protocols and encryption from the ground up. The best and leading VPN in the industry which provides users with utmost privacy and security is PureVPN. PureVPN has been the leading VPN and preferred choice for users who want to unblock websites and use VPN for torrenting while maintaining their privacy on the web. PureVPN has a huge pool of 80,000+ IPs along with 550+ servers in 140+ countries. This makes it an ideal VPN through which you can channel your internet traffic from anywhere in the world. You can unblock geo-restricted websites and use PureVPN for torrenting, all while being protected by strict 256-bit military- grade encryption algorithms.

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