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Is the next US recession looming?



Is the next US recession looming?

According to the latest economic report by Moody’s Analytical, most U.S states are not prepared for the next recession, which some economists say is not only looming but overdue.

The report further states that it has been eight years since the last economic downturn, making it the third longest expansion period in US history.

This raises some interesting questions, says Dale Gillham, Co-Founder and Chief Analyst for Share Market Education firm Wealth Within. He argues that “if the state is not prepared for the inevitable recession, then most likely mums and dads aren’t …

Sunvar Case: Honoring the Long-Term Lease Agreement

Sunvar Realty Development Corp., or simply Sunvar, faced a government bid for ejection because of alleged illegal occupancy of Mile Long, a 2.9-hectare property located in Legaspi Village, particularly in De la Rosa Street and Arnaiz Avenue in Makati City. Not to mention, the government is only reclaiming Mile Long and not the entire 12-hectare government property.

On that note, Sunvar firmly reiterates that it is occupying the said property legally. According to Alma D. Fernandez-Mallonga, legal representative to Sunvar, “The terms and conditions upon which Sunvar occupies the property belie the allegations and insinuations that the corporation is squatting

Sunvar Case: The Actual Facts

sunvar case

Sunvar Realty Development Corporation, which will be referred to as simply Sunvar on this document, is facing a government bid to eject due to allegations of illegal occupancy. Sunvar is located within a 2.9-hectare property found between De la Rosa and Arnaiz Streets in Legazpi Village, Makati City.

The government publicly stated its desire to eject Sunvar although it already paid in advance a P16.8-million lease with Technology Resource Center Foundation Inc. (TRCFI), with functions assumed by the Philippine Development Alternatives Foundation (PDAF). The contract is until December 2027.

As a revert to the said allegations, Sunvar wishes to make

Love and Harmony Caribbean Cruise Announce Their Star Studded Line-Up for 2018 & New Luxurious Ship

Love and Harmony Caribbean Cruise Announce Their Star Studded Line-Up for 2018 & New Luxurious Ship

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to sail away with a few of reggae, dancehall and soca greats. Staging their second annual Love and Harmony Cruise, Rockers Island Entertainment, in association with Best of the Best Entertainment and Massive B, are proud to announce the complete line up for Love and Harmony Caribbean Cruise, set to sail from Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay Jamaica and Georgetown, Grand Cayman, March 24th – March 29th 2018.

Brought to you by the esteemed promoters of …

A New Source Of Energy Discovered via Vitamins

For Immediate Press Release

A New Source Of Energy Discovered via Vitamins

Brooklyn, NY – August 29th, 2017 – So, a lot of us depend on caffeine to get us through
the day. After all, it’s a great short-term boost for our energy and alertness, and who
doesn’t love a good cup of tea or coffee?

Unfortunately, with caffeine, the old saying is true: what goes up, must come down. You
get an intense short-term buzz, but it comes with that annoying slump later in the day.
That leaves you reaching for the next cup of coffee, then crashing even …

Justin Bieber Remake Become Social Media Influence

Justin Bieber Remake Become Social Media Influence

Justin Bieber This remix of the made it’s mark by reaching over 2.6 billion views

This remix of the made it’s mark by reaching over 2.6 billion views making him the most sought after Canada based artist.

The remix of the song features CJ Stain of the original version “Cold Water” beat, and quickly rose in popularity to become one of the most viewed videos related to the original “Cold Water” video on YouTube.

Vibe Music Group it claims that it did not copyright infringe on the rights of the labels in involved …

“How African-American Professional Males Can Save Our Sons”

The racial tensions continue to surge during this summer. This left the African American parents wondering about the future of their sons, whether they will be killed by the police or by other African Americans. In the African-American community, our male youth are faced with many challenges that they must overcome in order to become productive citizens. In many communities, African-American professionals have done well and have achieved significant power and influences. Sadly, many professionals have forgotten about the struggle and challenges that many young males face in underserved communities. STEAMI Summer Institute is a great way that African-American …

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Contact: Michael Freudenberger, CEO
Date: June 7, 2017

Phone: 0049-163 69 68 003
Email: mike@growweedsimply.com


GrowWeedSimply, a Germany-based cannabis lifestyle brand, today announced the release of
their new product, the Outdoor Grow Kit. The revolutionary new product combines a barrel with
built-in hygrometer for cannabis curing with various tools that make the first-time cannabis
growing process simple and stress-free. As well as that, animations and short videos guide users
through each step of the process from the germination of the seeds to the harvesting of the buds,
giving …