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Alpha Force Testo – Its Ways To Boost Your Power

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U.S. Pregnancy and Health Market Insights and Prospects Analyzed with Key Players Innovations

Albany, New York, September 8, 2017: A new study, focusing on the current scenario of pregnancy and health related factors has been identified, especially in the U.S. At present, one of the main factors driving the U.S. pregnancy products market is the increase in fertility rate among the U.S. population. And as the number of pregnancies rises over the coming years, the demand for pregnancy are related health products is sure to grow. To elaborate further, the study titled “U.S. – Pregnancy and Health Industry – August 2017” has been broadcasted to the wide repository of Market Research …

Nashville Scientologists Planning Drug-Free Events in Honor of Red Ribbon Week

In October, volunteers from the Nashville Church of Scientology will team up with Drug-Free Tennessee to help others live drug-free lives.

Nashville, TN, August 31, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ – Tennessee has a drug problem: heroin. During 2016, prescription opioid abuse was at the top of the charts, and while it continues be a problem statewide, officials have taken steps to curb the problem. While it has been slowly on the decline, according to state officials, there has been an unintended consequence. With prescription pain pills becoming harder to attain, addicts have turned to another type of opioid in heroin. According to …

Drug-Free Tennessee Reaching Out to Parents

Drug-Free Tennessee provides materials to educate parents and their children about the hazards of drugs.

Nashville, TN, August 16, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ – This past weekend, Drug-Free Tennessee participated in an annual event for parents of school children, where they distributed copies of The Truth About Drugs booklets to parents, teachers and children alike.

“We need to spread a positive drug-free message to parents and their children,” says Brian Fesler, regional coordinator for Drug-Free Tennessee, “This is vital to halt drug abuse and especially the opioid epidemic that is sweeping this state and country.”

DFT has been out in the community, …

Citizens Commission on Human Rights Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Nashville (CCHR Nashville) has been hard at work to spread information on dangerous practices in the field of mental health and help those who have been abused.

Nashville, TN, July 26, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ – The Citizens Commission on Human Rights Nashville Chapter (CCHR Nashville) has been working to help victims of psychiatric abuse by documenting cases. On the CCHRNashville.org website, the question is posed: “Victim of Brain Stimulation?” followed by the text, “Do you know someone who has been damaged by experimental psychiatric treatments including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), …

Drug-Free Tennessee Spreading the Word for a Healthier Future

Drug-Free Tennessee is the local chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, and has been hitting the streets and parks to spread the word.

Nashville, TN, July 26, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ – With drug-related crimes being a weekly occurrence, Drug-Free Tennessee (DFT) is working out ways to combat usage rates by spreading truth. “We need to spread a positive drug-free message and educate as many people as possible and as fast as possible,” says Brian Fesler, regional coordinator for Drug-Free Tennessee.

DFT has been out in the community, handing out information and spreading the word. “It works with anyone of …

DF Tennessee Wants Safe, Crime-Free Neighborhoods

Drug-Free Tennessee participates each year in National Night Out Against Crime by distributing the Truth About Drugs booklets to neighbors.

Nashville, TN, July 19, 2017 /PressReleasePing/ – In the last month alone, there have been nearly one hundred crimes reported by the Nashville police department just in the Edgehill neighborhood. In response, Drug-Free Tennessee will join community partners, neighbors and police for National Night Out Against Crime to put an end to rampant crime and drug violations.

Night Out Against Crime is meant to stop crime before it starts. It was designed to heighten awareness; generate support for, and participation …

The Top 7 Mental Benefits of Sports

Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, team sports are good for learning accountability, dedication, and leadership, among many other traits. Putting it all together by playing a sport is a winning combination.

Many athletes do better academically.
Playing a sport requires a lot of time and energy. Some may think this would distract student-athletes from schoolwork. However, the opposite is true. Sports require memorization, repetition and learning — skillsets that are directly relevant to classwork. Also, the determination and goal-setting skills sports require can be transferred to the classroom.

Sports teach teamwork and help achieve goals. 

The new challenges in Digital transformation

Digital transformation is firmly on marketers’ agendas. Last year Marketing Week explored what digital transformation really means for businesses from a practical perspective. Now brands are on their way to making those changes, marketers need to understand the new challenges arising as a result and how to address them.

Keeping up with the pace of change in the industry is one thing, but when it comes to digital transformation there are other factors marketers must consider to stay ahead of the curve.

The digital skills gap and the ever-growing chasm between the needs of employees of different generations, customer expectations, …