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Saudi Arabia Solar Energy Market Research Report: Analysis by Sales, Price, Revenue and Share – 2023

The Solar Power Market in Saudi Arabia is in the growth stage driven by rapid growth in electricity demand. As of 2016, Saudi Arabia has XX Megawatts of Solar PV Energy Capacity, witnessing year-on-year increase of XX MW. Decline in solar module prices due to increasing competition coupled with government initiatives of increasing share of renewable in primary energy mix are driving the Saudi Arabia solar power market to 2023.

Solar Energy
Saudi Arabia solar power market is valued at USD XX Billion during 2016. Further, by 2023, the industry’s market value is expected to growth at a CAGR of XX percent …

Waste To Energy In India

India is a developing nation housing second largest population in the world. Industrialization is the key to sustain the growth story of India. Industrialisation has led to urbanization and has therefore induced life style changes, giving rise to generation of increasing quantities of wastes leading to increased threats to the environment. In India, 62 million tonnes of waste is generated annually.

The per capita Waste Generation in Indian cities ranges from 200 grams to 600 grams per day. Out of 62 million tonnes of waste, 43 million TPA is collected, 11.9 million is treated and 31 million is dumped in …