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The Evolution of Cat6 and Cat6a Cables

A world without the use of internet is impossible to imagine! We live in an era of Internet of Things (IoT), where anything and everything has a link with the internet. For creation of this world, we are grateful to the networking cables out there in the market. One of the most vital equipment in use for the creation of a wired computer networks is an ethernet cable.

The use of Ethernet cable is diverse. Its need is for linking computers, routers, switches in a local area network. The function of the cable’s use has given birth to its diverse …

Know About The Little Essentials Needed for Creating a Vast Network

For creating a network and for bringing a device into a network, we must connect a portable device with the central processing unit (CPU). The USB cables, optical fibers and other Networking cables facilitate this. However, these network cables deem worthless if a port does not mount on the unit. A cable cannot connect a port less device with the central unit or the port less unit with the device!

So, what enables our portable devices like keyboard, pointer, printer, digital camera connect with the CPU using Ethernet cables, USB Cables or optical fibers?

The answer is a Keystone Jack!…

SF Cable Offers Volume Discounts for Schools, Government and Corporate

SF Cable, one of the most popular online cable retailers, based in California, is offering volume discounts to Schools, Government and Corporate customers. As a part of the offer, the company provides cables, accessories and components for consumer electronics at wholesale prices and discounts with a lifetime warranty (for cables and non electronic items).

This is a good news for all USA based schools, government departments and corporate entities who are often looking for good quality electronic products at competitive prices. SF Cable was established in the year 2002 and its major objective is to offer superior quality components and …