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End Mills and More Launch Features CNC Router Bit Starter Kits



End Mills and More Launch Features CNC Router Bit Starter Kits

Lake Charles, LA – Oct. 13, 2017 – Scott Hebert, owner of End Mills and More, announced the company’s official launch, offering top quality carbide end mills, CNC router bit sets and expansion packs.

To celebrate its grand opening, visitors can register to win a free four-piece ¼ inch end mill set. “Our goal at End Mills and More is to supply CNC enthusiasts with high quality, low cost end mill and router bit sets so they can spend less time shopping and more time creating,” said Hebert. …

Africa News : Constitutional Crisis Looms in Nigeria as Biafran State Counsellor takes Office.

Africa News : Constitutional Crisis Looms in Nigeria as Biafran State Counsellor takes Office.

Biafra Crisis : Government in Diaspora (of Biafraland) Swears in Top Political Envoy.

Professor Obi is to serve as State Counsellor and Head of International Government Relations.

In a Sensational Twist of Affairs concerning the 50 Year Old Biafran Struggle for Autonomy , Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi – a Highly Controversial Black European Politician of British Birth , Biafran Heritage , Igbo Extraction and African Descent , was , on the 21st of September 2017 , Officially Sworn in (at Dawn) ; amidst Tight …

The treatment and positive aspects Of Gastric Sleeve Surgical treatment

Maintaining a stringent control above your food plan prepare, executing different unwanted fat decreasing workouts or use of some Ayurveda prescription drugs for decreasing excess fat will unquestionably not help you in lowering your stubborn belly extra fat which is also termed as obesity. It is hard for a human being to burn up so substantially amount of calories at the same time. This is the element that bariatric operation originated. It is also identified as obesity medical procedures or bodyweight-loss surgical procedure.

Gastric Sleeve surgical treatment is done in purchase to help persons decrease their excess excess weight. It …

Alibaba Clone Script – Latest B2C Platform Released by Eagle’s Team

Marketing automation software company Alibaba Clone Script is making a major push into the b-to-c space, spying an opportunity to tap into consumer marketers’ desire to stay engaged with customers. Long essential to b-to-c marketers, marketing automation platforms such as Amazon, ebay, flipkart, Indiamart are used to monitor performance of marketing campaigns and leads, helping companies prioritize prospects based on their engagement.


But in a recent interview with Ad Age, Eagle Technosys said its Alibaba Clone Script b-to-c customers will make up its firm’s business by 2017. Half of its bookings in worldwide are actually b-to-c, said Eagle Technosys, …

Tech Professionals and Engineers Week at Kansas Overseas Careers

On the occasion of the IT Professionals Day and Engineers Day, 2017 Kansas Overseas Careers is encouraging Engineers and IT professionals to obtain international permanent residency. From Sep 11 to Sep 19, 2017 Engineers of any stream and Tech Professionals of all areas (who are eligible) can apply for a PR visa to Canada or Australia at a price comparatively low price and under a unique procedure.

Engineers and Tech professionals can walk-in to any branch of Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai or Bangalore. Experts in evaluation will conduct eligibility check for Canada and Australia immigration and …

What is the need for restoration


When we think about home restoration, it means that it needs to be brought back to its original state. This could mean that the due to years and years of not being taken care of or maybe for going through some kind of damage, for example, from a fire. For those who are in search of restoration contractors in Orlando, MJS is a good place to start. We are one of the oldest and best restoration service providers in Orlando, Florida.

Even after a fire has been extinguished, it leaves behind a lot of harmful residue that can be …

“Alien Contact Is Nothing to Fear” – Says Morten St. George


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Fort Lauderdale (US), 1st September 2017: The fear of alien invasion and annihilation of the human race looms over our head. It has been one of the favorite themes in Hollywood with dozens of movies depicting them as evil creatures with advanced technology. It has been portrayed that they would invade our planet and lead to its complete destruction. But do we actually need to fear the aliens? According to Morten St. George ( has one …

A New Source Of Energy Discovered via Vitamins

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A New Source Of Energy Discovered via Vitamins

Brooklyn, NY – August 29th, 2017 – So, a lot of us depend on caffeine to get us through
the day. After all, it’s a great short-term boost for our energy and alertness, and who
doesn’t love a good cup of tea or coffee?

Unfortunately, with caffeine, the old saying is true: what goes up, must come down. You
get an intense short-term buzz, but it comes with that annoying slump later in the day.
That leaves you reaching for the next cup of coffee, then crashing even …

EEKCA Artwear Design Seeking Multi-Players for Partnership

EEKCA Artwear Design Seeking Multi-Players for Partnership

Maker of Unique Jamaican T-shirts and Towels Presents Opportunity to Team with Others
The EEKCA Official Artwork Design, commonly known as the EEKCA brand, has recently announced they are looking to team up with key players. The brand is making the opportunity possible to sporting goods, high school teams, travel agencies, resorts, cruise lines, festivals, concerts and trade shows and practically any other retailer who has the desire to link-up in order to sport the unique look.

“We are thrilled to make it possible for others to become involved with our exciting lines …