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Excise Tax implementation in UAE from October 2017

UAE is embracing a paradigm shift in the form of taxation starting from the last quarter of 2017. To start with, Government has declared the implementation procedures of Excise Tax which be levied from 1st October 2017 onwards.

President of the UAE, has issued Federal Decree-Law No. 7 of 2017 on Excise Tax. This step is envisioned as a tool to build a healthier and safer society. It is set to discourage the consumption of products that negatively impact the environment and, more importantly, people’s health. The additional revenue generated will go towards supporting advanced services for all members of …

Should You Invest In an Overwatch Cheat?

This is definitely the kind of question that you should be asking yourself if you have been playing this game and feel that you can not fully enjoy it because of the fact that there are just so many enemies trying to shoot you down. Well, if that is the case, you should know that an Overwatch Hack can definitely change the way you deal with enemies from now one. A proper Overwatch Cheat will take care of them for you while you can complete the quests that you are interested in.

When you have a bit of free time …

Linux Tiny Box PCsARM Cortex-A9TM iMX6 Dual Lite / Quad Core

Kingdy’s new ultra-compact tiny embedded platform for space limited solution, based on the ARM Cortex-A9TM iMX6 Dual Lite / Quad Core processor,delivers optimum I/O design for maximum connectivity with Pre installed Yocto 1.8 on eMMC.


The TB-045S proven tiny rugged construction designed operation in harsh environment and extended operation temperatures of 0~ 60°C and -20~ 70°C available which also presents an intelligent, robust embedded system supporting wide application deployment and easy service deployment for variety of industrial automation such as factory automation, factory facilities..etc. and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

• Fanless solution and compact housing
• Extremely …

Eagle Technosys Announced Moving Software in Customer’s Business

Summary:-Moving software is advanced software for moving any kind of product related to the company or individual. Which are launched by Eagle Technosys. It provides you a Full Freedom for his own international and domestic customer.

Eagle Technosys completed moving software. It will help you manage your entire business without paper. Our Company can assist you to operate more efficiently and offer better service to your customers. We have built into the software; features that would help you take better decisions. It is also designed to help you control of All the move information your company must manage …

Top benefits of iPad rental services for your event

Apple’s sturdy iOS design and therefore the intuitive multi-touch interface have positioned Apple’s iPad because the technical backbone of companies, academic system, and inventive industries. I Pad’s esthetically pleasing options combined with its closed system and whole charm have created a distinct segment within the multimedia system trade.

Because of its high whole charm and reliable performance, Apple merchandise demand a awfully high price–Naturally so! But, it would not perpetually convince be a cost-effective possibility, particularly throughout the days once you solely need associate iPad for brief term usage. In such instances, rather than shopping for associate iPad, associate iPad

Reasons to tablet for rental instead of buying thems

A laptop was until very recently a good tool for the commercials that had to visit the customers. Relatively easy to carry and manage made them a good choice. However, today we have a much more useful tool: the tablets.

A tablet is much easier to carry than a laptop and is lighter (well, if we do not count the ultraportable) thing that will thank the chastised backs of the commercials that are all day on their backs with them.

In addition working with them is much more comfortable since its entire surface is tactile and we do not have …

Grab Excellent Gmail Services For Several Gmail Problems

As we know that Google provides a collection of services, such as Gmail, Hangouts, Google play, Google+, Chromecast, Chromebook, Google Cloud, Adsense, Google drive, Picasa, and many others.  All these excellent services have been integrated and synchronized with the Gmail account in a hassle-free way. But, if any circumstances, you face any sort of technical issue while accessing these services or email service on your devices or PC, then you can consider us. We are the famous and authentic third party customer service provider, and a team of talented and experienced technicians, who are available 24×7 days to offering the 

Sunlight Readable Solution- Enhance the display outdoor readability

Have you ever had the kind of experience? You would like to see something showing on your cell phone monitor in outdoor but you can’t see very clearly even the whole monitor is white? If you are using a general monitor, this problem is very common. Comparison with indoor, the outdoor or the environment which has directly lights must have higher monitor specifications. However, what’s a kind of conditions are necessary?


The contrast ratio is the first condition of it. Through enhancing the contrast ratio of displays it can let images vivid under the sunlight or direct light. The …

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