The Parole Officer Profession within the Criminal Justice Field

A parole officer includes a enormous duty. Even though this career is filled with various tasks and responsibilities, it is actually nevertheless quite rewarding for individuals who locate themselves drawn towards the criminal justice field.

Contrary to what a lot of offenders believe, parole officers aren’t there to put offenders back into prison, but to make sure that these folks keep out of jail. An officer will take all of the measures necessary to monitor an offender, seeing that they make all probation and parole commitments on time, too as guaranteeing that they meet all other important requirements.

Quite a few criminal offenders should put on an ankle bracelet as well as attend drug classes. Parole officers may perhaps also aid offenders to find employment and enable them locate certain government added benefits as well. Other responsibilities contain household visits, visits to prison facilities to investigate how an offender would react if released, overseeing halfway houses, and tracking parolees with GPS monitoring bracelets.

A career as a parole officer can be tough, specially when coping with stubborn and uncooperative offenders. You will really need to possess a pretty tactful and firm personality to become successful within this profession. There is a probable opportunity that you just will run into an insurmountable level of conflict, specifically for the duration of house visits of offenders who are living in less-than-fortunate situations. Oftentimes it is the offender’s surrounding situations that bring about them to fall off course, and it is the parole officer’s job to accomplish all the things they will to assist the offender get back around the road to living a regular life outside of prison.

Most parole officers have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, psychology, social perform, and so forth. Getting an entry level position is just not tough for individuals that have an associate’s degree in criminal justice or other related field. However, preserve in thoughts that the pay is substantially reduced with an associate’s degree.

On the list of principal requirements for somebody who goes into this distinct career field is numerous travel. In addition, you must also be accessible 24 hours every day, just in case you’re required at the parolee’s home within the middle of the evening soon after perform hours are more than.

Moreover, it’s essential to also be able to pass a regular physical and psychological exam. Regrettably, not everybody is eligible to operate inside the criminal justice field. Folks that have a earlier substantial criminal record or felony may perhaps not be able to function as a parole officer. It could be helpful to verify together with the laws of one’s state in case you do possess a previous criminal history ahead of making the selection to come to be a parole officer.

The great news is that you can find expected to become a lot more openings for parole officers. One particular poll predicts that this career field is expected to grow up to 19 percent between the years 2008 and 2018. A further benefit is job stability, specifically for those who have a degree. Even though stressful, this can be deemed an awesome job for a person who has a passion for assisting others to enhance their lives. For more info click Alastair Majury Business Analyst

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