Dreamz Group a Leading Investment Brand of Lucknow


Dreamz Group is the known brand in the region of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It has now released the best short term investment options for the people of the city.


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh:

There are a various investments options available in the market including mutual funds, bank fixed deposits, equity shares, stocks etc. Anyone can go for its option according to the budget and ease.


The Dreamz Group is known for its approach to making dreams of an individual a reality. As one of the experts in the field of investment Mr. Warren Buffett says, “Never depend on a single Income, and make invest to create a second source.”  Following the same principle, Dreamz group has come up with exciting short term investment options for the generation this generation to create a second financial source.


We Indians are known for money savers but soon this mentality is going to change. We are soon to be known as smart Investors. Very well Planned investments do not just ensure a happy tomorrow for you and your family but also help to achieve life’s varied foreseen motives. However, it is very important to invest in a platform which can beat inflation over a period of time and benefits huge returns.  


For your suitable investment Dreamz group is proving you the ways to invest in Bollywood film promotions, celebrity events, web services, digital branding and promotions, Real estate and digital earnings. These areas are new and unique but are capable of managing you a great sum of returns.



Dreamz Group

  • Dreamz Infra Ventures
  • Dreamz Film Productions
  • Digital Media Ventures
  • Confidence Multiplier Academy
  • CSR – Kalam Dreamz Foundation



Head Office – Dreamz Plaza, Near Fish Galaxy, Opp. Lane of Phoenix Mall, Alambagh Naheriya Cross Road, Lucknow.






Call: +91-96-96-796-796

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