Work Hard; Book Smart – A Helpful Guide for Booking Affordable Corporate Travels

Booking a corporate travel is a matter of expertise. You need to strike the perfect balance between booking something that is cost-effective but at the same time does not compromise with the safety and security of your employees. Thus, you are left in a frenzy looking for the best hotel booking sites for B2B while considering your budget. You skim through all the online hotel reservation sites in India and finally hit a dead end while finding a reasonable corporate travel stay option.

Here are a few tips that will help you save money while booking a corporate travel:

Draft a travel policy and pre-trip approval process

Setup an approval system at your workplace that maintains a set of guidelines the employee has to follow before they depart for their corporate travel. Ensure that there is an authority in place that monitors all the reservations and even on-site expenses. You can set out a budget that they have to stick to. While it is important to save some money, it is equally important to offer a reasonable amount to make the travel comfortable. Once all the rules have been outlined, the travellers will stay within the budget and you do not have to bear the additional costs incurred if any.

Stay smart while booking hotels

You might find various websites offering a range of rates for the same room in a particular hotel! You can always form connections with such platforms to make big savings. Roomsxpert is the best corporate travel portal for those who are looking for booking an affordable corporate travel. All the online hotel reservation sites in India come with their set of policies and regulations. Roomsxpert has the most corporate-friendly rates, making it the best hotel booking sites for B2B.

It is never too early

Planning ahead is always the wisest thing one can do while travelling. As a rule of thumb, prices of hotels may increase drastically as the day of booking draws close. In worst case scenarios, you may even find the hotel completely booked! Thus, make the booking in advance to avoid the last minute rush and also to save some big bucks.

Reward mechanism

Ensure that your travel policy lays out guidelines that the travellers opt for the most affordable form of commuting that is available. Of course, implementing it may need assistance with the backing of a rewards mechanism. If your employee saves money, they are helping your business. No matter how small may be the savings, it may set an exemplary record for others to follow. Thus, you can always offer them some kind of an incentive to encourage this practice. This will all add up in large ways to make corporate travel easy and affordable.

In the world of business, a penny saved equates to a penny earned. Hence, it is important to stay smart while booking corporate travels on any website. Having a sustainable travel policy for a corporate travel ensures the happiness of the business and the employees.


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