Comprehensive Canadian Car Dealer Locator Tool

On car buyers from all over Canada can use the car dealer locator tool that gives them a wealth of results and possibilities.

An important part in the process of buying a car, new or used, is choosing the right car dealership to deal with. The right car dealership could have a multitude of meanings, depending of what it is important for each and every buyer. Some of these meanings could be the distance from the residence, the automakers the person is looking for, the size of the dealerships. is launching a great tool to help Canadians search for car dealerships: the new, comprehensive car dealer locator.
The automotive website visitors have the option of searching for car dealerships based on different criteria like car makes, location (province, city or postal code) and radius. The results on the results list can be sorted by rank, name and distance. The names of the cars dealerships and their address are provided. Also the results are shown on a map powered by Google, conveniently placed beside the list.

The car dealer locator on helps car shoppers get closer to their future car while enjoying a great online experience.

About is a fast growing online automotive market with a large and diverse inventory of new cars and used cars for sale in Canada. Build as a mobile friendly application, allows online car shoppers to shop for their car from desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

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