Nitor Infotech President speaks at NASSCOM All Member Meet 2017 on Scaling Businesses

Pune, India, Wednesday, December 20, 2017 – NASSCOM held an All Member Get-Together and a panel discussion on ‘Scaling Up Business’ for faster growth of SME companies in Pune. The Sanjeev Fadnavis, President of Nitor Infotech was one of the three esteemed panellists invited to interact with the audience at Sheraton Grand, Pune. He addressed the future of SMEs highlighting the importance of scaling up strategy and managing the constant intersection of sustainability and growth.

panel discussion on the topic was for mid-size organisations trying to sustain and grow. About 100 companies comprising of mostly owner promoters and executives witnessed this exchange of ideas.

He held discussions on the need for key executives to believe in the company strategy of scaling up in order to achieve desired results. He stressed on the importance of simultaneously managing all the stakeholders – the board, customers and employees, the last being of utmost importance, most complex and the most difficult one. He emphasised on the importance of having the right team of people who are not just hiring managers but also ones who have the capability of making tough calls, inventing strategies and in short turning into decision influencers.

He added that SME’s focus should always be “sustain-invest-grow”, a cycle that repeats itself till self-sustenance is achieved. One of the highlights of the discussion was a question put forth on what were the tell-tale signs or ‘tipping points’ while scaling up an organisation.  “Scaling up an organisation works only when you have an ironclad strategy. Not just having the right strategy, it needs to have some magic moments for this strategy to be effective. The ‘tipping point’ as you have aptly called it, for an organisation happens, either when the executive team starts taking ownership, or when the investments made for disruption bear fruits, in other words your investments made to achieve disruption start getting returns,” he said.


About Nitor Infotech

Nitor, founded in 2006, is an award-winning IT company based in Pune. Nitor has won the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Award four times each in 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015. Nitor has also won the Red Herring Asia top 100 Award in 2015. Nitor has great expertise and specialization in product engineering services and helps its customers build great products. Since its inception, Nitor has helped build 100+ business applications and products on SharePoint platform for its customers. Nitor is Microsoft’s Gold Partner.

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