The Reliable Walk-In Clinic of Simply Wellness in Vancouver Meets Healthcare Consumer Demand

Walk-in medical clinics, according to a survey, are getting more popular with healthcare consumers. Simply Wellness has a walk-in clinic that meets consumer demand.

[VANCOUVER, 1/2/2018] — A recent Harris poll revealed that walk-in medical clinics, usually found in shopping malls, workplaces, pharmacies, and office parks, are becoming more and more popular with healthcare consumers. The poll reported that 27 percent of the 3,000 adults surveyed online said that they had visited a walk-in retail clinic in the past two years. The number is up by 7 percent from a poll done in 2008.

Why Consumers Go for Walk-in Clinics

A report by the Society for Participatory Medicine discussed the reasons behind the popularity of walk-in clinics. It cited convenience and affordability as its main reasons. Walk-in clinics generally do not require individuals to schedule an appointment. Moreover, they offer a short wait time and are even open on weekends and evenings.

As for affordability, lots of health insurance plans are covering the cost of visiting a walk-in clinic. Moreover, even if the plan does not cover the visit, the charges are usually in the range of a person’s co-payment.

Another reason for the popularity of walk-in clinics is the staff. A majority of these medical establishments have licensed nurse practitioners who can diagnose standard illness and prescribe medication. Moreover, the care they deliver is both professional and consistent.

Reliable Vancouver Walk-in Clinic for Consumers

Simply Wellness cares about the general well-being of families in Vancouver. As such, its medical clinic caters to individuals with and without an appointment. It allows the clinic to serve its local patients better and meet the demand for consumer healthcare.

The clinic assesses and treats minor illnesses and injuries. It has a team of thorough and compassionate professionals who know how to take care of each patient’s unique case. Moreover, it has state-of-the-art facilities that make every aspect of the medical process comfortable.

About Simply Wellness

Simply Wellness provides Vancouver customers with access to family doctors, specialists, pharmacists, and dentists in one convenient location. Its goal is to deliver convenient access to primary health care to Canadians through a community-focused approach.

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