Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-110RD-4A Mens Watch: Bold Beauty

Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-110RD-4A Mens WatchShocking truths:

• Praising the G-Shock and painting the lilies are roundabout the same things; they need no introduction. Those who are always for a watch that never breaks worship the G-Shock; those who are always on the tech side of things praise it as if there’s no tomorrow. But there is also a third side to the G-Shock; the Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-110RD-4A Mens Watch comes under that.

That; however, is not much of a surprise for the G-Shock. It has been and is a fav to the crowd into hardcore street fashion. But then again, it is primarily the toughness and durability that stay responsible. For you don’t know, when your precious wrist wear shall encounter an impact when you are boarding public commuting means or getting a bit boisterous in a semi-dark drink den. The Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-110RD-4A Mens Watch stands tall without feeling anything for either.

• Built to stay put under far more extreme conditions, the Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-110RD-4A Mens Watch has been provided multiple functional features that are hard to detect unless under the scrutiny of someone well-versed in watches. The urethane band is shock-resistant; its masculine, multi-dimensional shape also helps to absorb shock – even the rugged bezel and tough button guards are meant to disperse and neutralize impacts are highly technical stuff with sheer intricacies only experts in adventure-wear will understand.

• The constant upgrade and setting new standards in toughness without compromising aesthetics and/or accuracy landed this G-SHOCK in a blend of red and black. It is an upgrade of the base model – the big case GA-110. Red theme is the new street fashion! It creates a pop; a lot of vividness through a bizarre design.

That you’ll love the most:

• ISO764 class magnetic resistance
• Speed measurement
• 1/1000-second stopwatch

Gauging this G:

• There’s a fair bit of the superbikes that shows in the Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital GA-110RD-4A Mens Watch. The dial shows clear influences of motorbike disc-brakes, but it’s subtle, can mostly be detected by those into motorbiking. The appreciation for the attention to detail will be high.

• The Casio Watches are safe till you put it against an industrial-strength magnet.

• Quite useful for everyone into speed sports; actively or being just enthusiastic about it. A 1/1000th-second stopwatch is for extreme accuracy – the kind you need for Olympics and the Grand Prix. You can also calculate speed from it to a satisfactory approximation.

Bottom Line: Velocity-vroomers in need of an accurate stopwatch that’s also reliable and built tough as a nail shall find the Casio G Shock Camouflage Series Chrono Alarm Digital Mens Watch an absolutely undeniable piece with most impressive of features and functions. But what if you are not? Well, the bold, red-and-black color-combo has enough oomph to sweep the fashion avenues off their feet!

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