Looking to pursue an MBA from AIMS Institutes? We have your queries covered!

The world of management education is a unique one indeed. And this is more so if you are looking to discover the numerous facets of management and leadership by pursuing an MBA pro-gramme from the famed AIMS Institutes – possibly the very best MBA college in Bangalore. Here is a quick look at the various options available to students looking to get an MBA degree from AIMS! Read on ahead to know more!

Post Graduate MBA Pro-gramme in Banking and Financial Services:

The MBA – PGP (BFS) pro-gramme is a key pro-gramme for students looking to make a splash in the prospering area of banking and finance. The pro-gramme singlehandedly enables students to get a comprehensive understanding of the volatile and unpredictable financial domain. Tailored mainly towards equipping students with an in-depth understanding of everyday operations that are conducted within the lucrative domain of banking and finance, the course enables students to better understand the management of everyday banking tasks. This pro-gramme has been primarily devised for the benefit of all students planning on making their début in the exciting and flourishing area of banking and finance.

Post Graduate MBA Pro-gramme in Logistics:

Reliable logistics experts and professionals are needed virtually everywhere today. Resultantly, the MBA – PGP (Logistics) pro-gramme takes a peek at the multiple ways and techniques through which product/information flows can be coordinated and controlled for the benefit of all logistics operations within an industry. The pro-gramme explores numerous ways and methodologies for properly appropriating and sending materials and information throughout the globe.

Post Graduate MBA Pro-gramme in Retail:

It’s hard to imagine a world without retail – and perhaps even harder to imagine one without qualified Retail Managers. Which is why the MBA – PGP (Retail) pro-gramme explores and analyzes the numerous sides and dimensions to the ever-changing world of retail management. The pro-gramme helps students formulate creative ways of driving and enhancing customer satisfaction rates while retroactively regulating product and service flow patterns.

Post Graduate MBA Pro-gramme in Business Analytics:

Business Analytics is perhaps the fastest growing domain of expertise in today’s world. Keeping in line with that pace of growth, the MBA – PGP (BA and DM) pro-gramme assists students in effectively analyzing and scrutinizing business data to assist their organizational management in taking key decisions related to organizational growth and expansion.

We thank you for joining us on this brief journey into the fascinating world of MBA pro-grammes at the AIMS Institutes – the very best MCA college in Bangalore! We wish you all a fabulous management career ahead! Thank you for reading!

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