High Quality Dentures at GB Dental

Teeth are the vital ingredient for a good health and beauty of an individual. Without teeth, esthetics are compromised to a great extent. One may not only loose teeth but also his self-esteem and self-confidence get low. In public or at home with family, it becomes very embarrassing and one may not be able to face them confidently.  Whether you suffer from single tooth missing or many teeth in a row missing, dentures are what most people rely on. Dentures can replicate the original teeth in all was. Be it mastication or esthetics, dentures solve all problems of missing teeth.

Types of dentures

Dentures are made up of high-quality resin and they are gum-like in color and the strength is very high if made in the proper centric relation of the mouth. The teeth added to the denture are made up of ceramic. Although dentures are made up of very high-quality dental cement and ceramic, they tend to wear off and attrit with time and eating habits.

Types of dentures

  1. Complete dentures: these are dentures which replicate all the teeth. Generally, complete dentures are given to patients who lose all their teeth due to bone loss underneath or due to pus formation and caries. A lengthy procedure that complete dentures involve, they are really tiresome for the patients too but at the same time very promising and deliver the best result in a long term.
  2. Fixed partial dentures: these dentures are preferred in the patients where the teeth missing are less and either alternately missing or continuously missing. In this method, the denture is fabricated on the basis of support from the nearby teeth.
  3. Removable partial dentures: these dentures mainly fulfill all the categories. Although they are not very reliable but still are very much preferred by people who cannot afford expensive dentures.

Advantages of dentures

Dentures are very beneficial in many ways. Let’s see how.

  1. Dentures make one’s smile beautiful and worth looking at. It not only improves the teeth pleasant visibility but also improves the facelift. As after teeth loss, it’s often seen that the cheeks and chin sag and result in wrinkles on the face thereby making one look old.
  2. Dentures improve an individual’s self-esteem and self –confidence.
  3. Dentures fill up space which is created by loss teeth and do not let the adjacent or opposite teeth to drift and take its place.
  4. The gums which recede in due time due to an absence of teeth will be maintained and will have proper blood flow which is in turn also necessary for the underlying bone.
  5. Dentures also help in improving mastication by developing a centric relation with all the teeth.
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