Find an Amazing Assortment of Festive Cakes Online From Flurys

“Now make this festive season all the more special with lovely cakes from Flurys just sitting at home. Simply visit their website and place your order today.”

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18, Park Street
City: Kolkata
Zipcode: 700071
Country: India
Phone: 033-40646053

Kolkata (India), 29th December 2017: As it is already known that Kolkata winters are synonymous with celebration, glee, and an air of festivity, but what is even more synonymous with this festival spirit is the “Flurys Famous” delicacies that have been adorning the tables of Calcuttans since time immemorial and especially so, during December. Flurys is one of the most legendary cake shop and confectioneries at Park Street, which has more than 15 outlets in the city and apart from that, now also has an online platform which lets you order your favorite cakes, pastries, and chocolates right from your couch.

Flurys: An Ultimate Destination for Festive Cakes

Regardless of whether people are visiting Kolkata for the first time or have been a dweller since childhood, Flurys is an unforgettable name when it comes to Christmas and New Year celebrations in the city. Located at Park Street, which showcases a beautiful carnival of lights this festive season, Flurys, one of the best cake and chocolates shop in Kolkata, promises to make your Christmas even gooier and New year all the more chocolaty with their delectable selection of cakes.

We spoke to Alex Ekka, a 60-year-old woman, residing in Park Street, who fondly recalls her memory of an extraordinary extravagance in Flurys over the years. She says, “Flurys was a luxury for us when we were small and I remember how we siblings used to hold each other’s hands and wait outside the long queue every Christmas Eve. My mother used to bake a cake every year but somehow we, brothers and sisters, always craved for a Flurys’ cake. And even when I grew up, Flurys was always a posh place where we would go on special occasions only. I remember I met my husband for the first time right here; it was a meeting arranged by our families though. But my encounter with Flurys still continues as now I often accompany my grandchildren to buy them, the Flurys delicacies, especially the Chocolate Truffle Cake which is my youngest granddaughter’s favorite.”

It is these little stories that Flurys has intricately woven into the lives of the Calcuttans that makes it so special and rightly, an emblem or flag bearer of the cultural memorabilia of the city. The absolute mouthwatering assortment of cakes that you can get at Flurys includes:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
  • Single Origin Chocolate Truffle Cake
  • Flurys Pineapple Butter Cream Cake
  • Chocolate Butter Cream Cake
  • Flurys Strawberry Butter Cream Cake
  • Fresh Cream Black Forest Cake
  • Blue Berry Cheese Cake
  • Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake
  • Rich Plum Cake Gift Tin
  • Fruit Cake

Now you can also order these lip-smacking cakes with just a click of the mouse button as Flurys has become an online cake shop in Kolkata. Visit- and start ordering the wonderful cakes and savories. And you can also get a cake delivery in Kolkata from Flurys for all special occasions, from birthdays, anniversaries, to regular parties.

About Flurys: Flurys is an iconic cake shop and confectionery in Kolkata that has been a trademark of the city, representing its rich culture and lineage since 1927. Visit- to know more.


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