Creating Spontaneous Love Stories with Wedding Photography

One of the best days of your life is the day of your wedding. It’s the only day in your life where you get everyone’s attention. Beautiful flowers, romantic venue and a flawless dress together create the mood for your wedding. To make it memorable it’s important to capture all the moments.

A picture is worth a thousand words and only a photographer can express it through the pictures. Different photographers have varied styles of shooting so it is important to select one according to your choice, style and budget.

Types of wedding photography:

Different photographers have different styles of clicking. It’s you who decides what type of photography you want – traditional, contemporary or vintage. Lifestyle portrait photography is also a good option to consider. As well as fashion photography that is suddenly on the rise in the wedding arena.

Traditional wedding photography: Also called Classic wedding photography, it captures some unforgettable pictures in a traditional way that includes, ring exchange, register signing, aisle walking as a couple, groups of family and wedding cake.

Just with careful lighting and nice poses this photography creates the perfect mood for pictures. It is a type of photography that the older people like to keep on their mantelpiece.

Reportage wedding photography: Also known as photojournalistic wedding photography that means ‘reporting’. The photographer mixes with the throng of people not letting others know of their presence. It requires experience and fast reactions as it is hard to take all the pictures when the photographer is in the crowd.

It is not expensive and is new. With the more and more couple’s opting for this style of photography it continues to be a hit amongst the couple’s.

Contemporary wedding photography: Also known as Avant Garde wedding photography and has different meanings to different people. The style is shifting continuously and is a favorite among many. It involves unusual ideas and strange camera angles that bring the style of the photographer in the pictures. It is not so famous but presents great results when done properly.

This Elite Filming is used by the photographers in high end glossy magazines.

Your wedding can be any location, but the photographs must make the word ‘romantic’ come across from the photographs. Creative wedding photography is excellent with its grandiose and nicety. A wedding videography London can also be a perfect choice.

But there are some tips to be followed in case you are interested in knowing about the ways to click good, memorable photographs.


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