Booking Travel Was Never This Easy

Adventure starts where plans end.

-Zero Dean

Travelling indeed is fun but it is so only when everything is planned systematically and the planning itself is flawless.

Hence, to ascertain that it is so, why not delegate it to the professionals who do it the best. To alleviate your travel apprehensions and to allow you to focus on your work while you are travelling, you must make your bookings via a reliable and efficient Corporate Travel Portal.

Serving exclusively to the corporate clients, a B2B Travel Website would understand your needs the best and cater to the same. It will not only offer you the applicable discounts but will also allow you to avail those in a simple and quick manner.

However, with the number of the travel websites increasing by the day, it is imperative that you look for the one which is transparent in its dealings, that offers reasonable rates and displays real-time availability to avoid any confusion.

RoomsXpert is an exclusive and competent B2B hotel booking portal in India. Catering to a lot of esteemed corporate clients, we are rapidly evolving to meet specific needs of our users.

Our hotel booking platform is simple to use and efficient in displaying fares quickly from various popular websites allowing you to make a swift comparison at a hasty glance.It not only facilitates you to make a knowledgeable decision but also helps you save quite a lot of hotel expenses.

Our website presents both B2B and B2C sites integrated on a single screen, which assists in simplifying the booking process; however, armed with a login-based platform, it allows the B2B clients to avail the special discounts offered solely to them when those are not accessible to the B2C users.

We extend to our corporate clients the heavy discounts (often ranging from 40% to 50%), being offered on various B2B travel websites. With this, we help you bring your annual hotel costs down by a minimum of 30%.

We, at RoomsXpert, believe in nurturing relationships and enjoy healthy & fruitful associations with both our affiliates and clients. With tie-ups with over a million hotels, we offer you hotel room accommodation options fitting all budgets and needs.

Serving the role of an aggregator we present to you all the available options enabling you to make the best decision and then help you proceed to our partner travel website through a secure channel to finalise the transaction and make the payment.

Dedicated and passionate to serve our clients unequivocally and provide them with the matchless and supreme services, we endeavour our best to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Book your hotel via RoomsXpert today and allow us to take away your travel worries.


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