GEM has worked on a Total Quantum of 12.89 million sq. feet for Quality Control So Far

For Immediate Release
Highly Trained Quality Control Engineers are stationed at project sites for monitoring and administrating every aspect of construction
Mumbai, India
27th December, 2017
GEM Engserv Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 2004 is a consulting organization operated by senior construction professional, providing specialist consulting services to major real estate and construction companies. The main verticals of the company are Quantity Estimation and cost management, Rebar Detailing, BBS, Quality Management which also includes Quality control and Quality assurance. The engineers working throughout this mission have several years of experience both at national and internationally.
Quality Control is also known as a part of Quality Management. It focuses on fulfilling quality requirements. Quality Control (QC) is more than the inspection aspects of quality management, whereas Quality Assurance relates how a process is performed or how a product is made. Inspection is the major component of quality control, where physical products are examined visually. One of the largest verticals operated by GEM Engserv is Third Party Quality Control which is site-based service provided to major developers in India, cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai. Etc. Highly Trained Quality Control Engineers are stationed at project sites, monitoring and administering a detailed and exhaustive checklist of quality parameters applied to every aspects of construction.
Advantages of Quality Control:
1. Improvement of the quality of production and reduction in the production cost.
2. Uniformity in the production and supply of standard quality good to consumers.
3. Reduction in spoiled scrapes
4. Reduction in inspection cost.
5. Giving accurate Quality Inspection to Builders and Developers.

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