Waterloo Paneling: Comprehensive Range and Construction Knowledge of FRP and Stainless Steel Wall Paneling

Waterloo Paneling is one of theleading American installation company of steel and Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). We take pride in our 25 years of successful turnkey FRP and stainless steel panel installations in thousands of restaurant, healthcare and child service industries. We have a team of very skilled and hardworking individuals and we have the compulsion of revolution, so we can exceed the exception of Excellency. Our menu of services includes:

FRP: We provide fire rateda scratch resistant surface panel which provides superior moisture resistance. These most innovative panels are the perfect solution for dry and sanitary conditions. FRP panels are used on walls and ceilings and provide an easy to clean; sturdy and hard wearing surface. It is Ideal for bathrooms, food processing areas, hospitals, schools, storage areas and walk in coolers and freezers. If installed correctly, FRP panels offer a perfect result for your clean room and moisture resistant needs. Available in an array of decorative choices of:

FRP Pebbled Class A:

FRP Pebbled Class C

FRP Smooth Class C

FRP Installation: FRP installation by our experts can save both your money and time. As the FRP Installation USA industry is growing fast, it’s challenging to upgrade with the new technologies and materials. Waterloo Paneling has that technical education and experience of making your FRP installation smooth.

FRP Adhesive: Whether you need an advanced polymer or a water based solution, your adhesive needs are promptly met by Waterloo Paneling. Premium quality, low odor FRP Adhesive has changed the definition of FRP panel installations with its super-fast working time. You can spray out the work area and can focus on panel installation as well. It also has instant grip that stop panels from drooping and can be applied over porous and non-porous substrates.

FRP Trim: If you can’t find the FRP molding you’re looking for then we have the best FRP Trim service. We are experts in J Mold, dividers, inside angles, outside angles and dividers to finish off your FRP needs

Stainless steel wall panels: It perfect for kitchens, restaurants, passages, working rooms, back of house and other busy areas. Stainless Steel Panels are pre-fabricated and are ready to cover and protect your walls while offering an aesthetic that other protective solutions are lacking.  Waterloo Paneling offers all standard sizes, custom fabricated stainless Steel Wall Panels TX. It can be used without any cutting with a short lead time.

Stainless Steel Trims:  Is edging and shaping the size and canners of the panels. Stainless Steel Trim can bring out the beauty and best use of a panel, which can provide the unmatched protection to your walls.

Our FRP installers are professional, skilled tradesmen, and are literally the best in the business.  We serve our clients from coast to coast and look forward to meeting your FRP and Stainless Steel wall paneling needs.

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