How Much Is A 4Cop License In Florida?

One of the questions most business owners ask when they begin the process of getting a bar, nightclub or another business started is how much the right liquor license will cost. The exact amount you will pay for your license will vary but there are some ways to get a good idea of how much the price will be.

If you’re planning to get a Florida 4Cop license, you’ve made a smart decision. A 4Cop license allows business owners to make as much money as possible because it does not limit what kind of alcohol the establishment can sell. With this license, it is ok to sell spirits, wine and beer, so business owners can offer a full drink menu. As any business owner knows, alcoholic drinks are one of the best places to turn a profit. Plus, with alcohol on the menu, you’re likely to make a wider range of patrons happy. Not everyone drinks beer or wine, and some people look forward to ordering a cocktail they can’t get at home when they go out. Fancy drinks also bring the best tips, which helps to keep your bartender and waitstaff happy.

Florida 4Cop Liquor License Price Can Vary From County to County

The cost of your 4Cop license can vary from county to county, and in the most populous counties the fee can be quite high. There is also a one time fee that goes toward the cost of operating drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities and prevention campaigns. This is called a Hughes Act fee and costs around 10,000. There can also be an alcohol bond required to guarantee your premises is safe and ready to sell alcohol.

If you want to get a 4cop license, Liquor License Outlet can help you. We provide services that help you get your Florida 4Cop liquor license and can also assist with financing the cost of the license.


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