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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.


Travel is one of the best forms of education which transforms one’s perspective and broadens one’s horizons. Travel brings pleasure and relieves one of stress and anxiety. It opens up a world of opportunities and knowledge.

Man’s yearning to explore the unexplored and discover the hidden has shrunk the world immensely and has made every nook & corner of it accessible &within reach.

Today, just as most people are eager to cross borders to experience the strange and the new, the corporates are pushing the boundaries too and travelling the world to exploit and unlock the tremendous opportunities waiting to be made use of.

While travelling itself fulfils one’s thirst for quest and provides one with a feeling of self-fulfilment and accomplishment, planning travel is slightly challenging & deterring at times.

To assist with the same, we have aggregators today, which indeed present themselves as one of the best Online Travel Solution for Corporates. Presenting the several rates on offer on various websites in a single window, aggregators help corporates make a well-informed and best suitable decision.

An aggregator helps one compare b2b hotels booking system. It allows one to compare the several rates being offered for a particular hotel room accommodation across various booking platforms and enables one to make use of the best prevailing offer for the same.

RoomsXpert is an elite and efficient Corporate Travel Portal which presents exclusive discounts to its distinguished B2B clients and provides them with the finest personalized services.

We have affiliations with various B2B & B2C firms and tie-ups with a number of hotels across the globe.

We have on offer over a million hotels, spanning over 190 countries worldwide, to suit every budget and need.

We believe in maintaining healthy & productive relationships with all our affiliates & clients and strive our best to do so. Thanks to the same, we offer our clients the finest personalized services to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Displaying both B2B and B2C sites on a single screen, our hotel booking platform offers the convenience of booking travel easily online but being a login-based platform it facilitates its B2B clients to avail the special offers meant exclusively for them.

Extending the heaviest discounts being offered especially to B2B users, on various websites, we facilitate our corporate clients to make heavy savings on their hotel reservation expenses.

Booking via our dedicated and efficient booking system, we assure you that you will be able to save at least 30% on your annual hotel costs.

Reach out to us today and allow us to help you get the cheapest rates for your hotel bookings.


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