Advantages ofSaps Ibubapaand How to Access the System

The Integrated Exam Results Analysis System SAPS is a virtual application integrated by the Ministry Of Education, Malaysia. It is an application that deals with generating, collecting and storing the performance data of the students in a school.

The policy of SAPS has integrated many results in calculating the performance of the children as an individual. The SAPS is basically a database application which has helped in keeping an eye on the academic performance of the students as a whole.

Through the technology used in SAPS, the integrated exam results havecomplemented the Ministry of Education to bring out the best from the students. Nowadays, the parents are too busy with their own career that they hardly get time to visit the school after the examination. This way, the children get neglected and do not perform well. When the parents get updated with the performance report online, they can easily manage their time between work and child’s development.


Being a sapsibubapahas come as an advantage to the guardians, the teachers, and the institutions as well.

Accessioning saps ibubapa

Go to the official website

Enter your child’s identification number, or birth certificate number

Choose the year

Click on the check report button

Choose the type of examination required

Click on the display examination report

You may get a print out from this application or take a screenshot of further details

Now you can easily review the records of your child in comparison to other examinations held over the year.

Advantage of SAPS

As you know SAPS has been very advantageous for the children and their parents equally. It has developed the sense of responsibility among the parents by making the reports easily accessible.

In this fast life, it is not feasible for parents tostay present everywhere. Thus, by creating this digital aid, the parents get full access to their ward’s performance.

Not only these, the teacher can now connect the phone, and make the parentsunderstand what should be developed and taken care of. This way parents spend quality time with kids and resultin anincrease of overall performance.

Through saps ibubapa, parents and guardians can analyze the reports and know the strength and weakness of the children as well.

SAPS are database strategic system that has evolved the education system with communications technology. It has enhanced the communication between the parents and the school to work for the development of the students. Click here to know more details.

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