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City – Chengdu
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Country– China
Telephone – 0086-28-85214086
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Website – http://www.alpinebirding.com/

26th December, Chengdu, China: This year, celebrate Christmas in the laps of Mother Nature along with a wide variety of endemic birds, by going for a birding tour arranged by AlpineBirding. This is one of the most popular travel agencies that arrange bird watching tours in various provinces of China which include Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan. From Chinese Monal to Golden Pheasant and much more, you’ll get to see numerous endemic birds if you opt for their tour package. Already established themselves as one of the best tourism companies, AlpineBirding is known for their reasonable tour packages which starts from 3280 USD.

When asked about their tour package to Mr. Ericson, an avid birder, he said, “I was really tired of going for birding sprees within my country. Then, one fine day, one of my friends (who is also a birder) suggested me to visit China with him because he knew this country have many popular bird watching spots. He gave me the duty to find a reliable travel agency that can arranges tours for bird watching in China and that’s when I came across AlpineBirding. I must say, I’m really impressed with this agency. Their tour packages are absolutely lucrative and the guide they sent was simply amazing. Bella not only took us to all the best birding spots but also, helped us click perfect pictures. I’m really happy. And, I’m planning to go for a Sichuan birding tour with them very soon!”

Why is Alpine Birding a Popular and Reliable Company?

Apart from providing affordable tour packages that include a wide variety of facilities, here are a few other reasons why AlpineBirding is a popular and reliable travel agency:

  • Years of experience
  • Flexibility in planning itineraries with both professional and amateur birding groups
  • Skilled to bring you highlights from food, scenery and local ethnical minority, and birds.
  • Positive reviews from TripAdvisor

If you want to know more about AlpineBirding and their flexible packages, kindly visit their website www.alpinebirding.com.

About AlpineBirding

AlpineBirding is a Chengdu based travel agency that arranges affordable birding tours in various provinces of China. If you are an avid or a first-time birder who want to go for an exciting birding expedition, contact them at 0086-13330983543.


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