Endodontic Treatment at Parkfield Dental

Endodontic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with pup and dentin of the teeth. Any infection in the teeth which breaks apart the enamel and reaches the dentin and ultimately the infection leaches onto the pulp has to be treated by endodontic intervention. It is not possible to restore the teeth just by removing caries in the oral cavity and sealing and packing it with restorative materials. As in doing so, the infection remains as it is and in some cases worsens and develops into periodontal pus formation which is also known as the periodontal abscess. In endodontic treatment, an air rotor which is a high-speed drilling instrument to drill open the tooth is used and the tooth is drilled till the pulp horns are reached. In the very first sitting for an endodontic treatment, the pulp is cleaned and gotten rid of the infected and necrotic pulp tissue. The main purpose of cleaning the tooth is to make the canals absolutely infection free and pus free. In the second appointment, the cleaned root canals are further cleaned and shaped into a nice conical shape so as to adjust them according to the shape of the filling material. In the third or the fourth sitting, when all of the infection is cleared out and the canals are all sterilized, they are packed with a sterilized filling material which is known as gutta-percha.

Why is an endodontic treatment necessary?

Endodontic treatment is essential because it is the only way of removing the infection from the pulp tissue of a tooth and rendering it safe. Many times due to chronic and passive infection, people do not take enough care of their oral condition and avoid showing up in the dental office. Getting an endodontic intervention for teeth is the best option for a longer life for your teeth.

Methods used

  1. Conventional method: In this method, hand filing and cleaning is done. With proper irrigation by normal saline, hand filing becomes easy and effective.
  2. Rotary method: This method is a much effective way to clean and prepare the canals.

Advantages of endodontic treatment

There are many advantages of getting an endodontic treatment.

  • The infected tooth, whose prognosis is otherwise very poor, is saved from extraction.
  • A patient, who suffers from extreme pain and sensitivity, also gets relieved after an endodontic treatment.
  • Endodontic treatment assures you of getting a repeated infection in the same tooth. However, if the quality of the treatment is poor and contamination is there at the time of treatment, then the case is different.
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