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In general dental practice, the way a dental surgeon is an essential part of the dental team the same way, a dental hygienist is a crucial member of the team. He not only takes care of the patient in a generalized manner but also fulfills all the necessary dental obligations which are often overlooked by the dental practitioner.

What does a dental hygienist do?

A dental hygienist looks after the health of teeth in general and sees if any tooth needs immediate attention. He sees if the gums are swollen or bleeding or whether they are forming any pus within them. If the find gingivitis or periodontitis, they do the required teeth cleaning and provide any other necessary preventive dental care. They also counsel patients on maintaining their dental health.

Basically, the dental hygienists work with dental practitioners. And help them attain perfectionism in their work by referring patients to them only when there is a case of caries or surgeries.

Dental hygienists have always been in demand as patients always look for ways to maintain their teeth cleanliness and whiteness.

Procedures that dental hygienists do

Among many other ways that the dental hygienists help the dental practitioners, dental hygienist role is a big one. The patients that enter the dental office have to go through a dental hygienist scanning of their mouth. They properly review patient’s dental history and evaluate the gum condition and see what treatment options can be done in a particular ailment. Also, they are responsible for a primary diagnosis like clicking and developing X-Rays and oral cancer screening. Then they are also responsible for removal of dental plaque and tartar. If calculus is stuck to the teeth and gums, the dental hygienists make sure that the teeth are calculus free too before going before any procedure.

Advantages of dental hygienists

Dental hygienists play a vital role in a dental practitioner’s office. Dental hygienists are responsible for everything you can think of. With advancement in technology, there are so many advancements made in the hygiene part of dentistry too. Before meeting a dentist one may be relieved of all the primary problems like getting rid of tartar and plaque and screening through x-rays to give a general idea as to what next procedure may be planned by the dentist. Dental hygienists may prove to be a patient’s friend if he is a bit resistant to go to a dentist. It also helps in developing confidence among patients who fear dentists and assure them of proper further treatments b the dentist. The dental hygienist is also responsible for the preventive care of the patient’ oral cavity. During a visit, he may guide them on how to take care of their teeth and gums and can prescribe those medications and mouthwashes.

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