How to Add an Email Reminder in Outlook?

Microsoft announced the new excellent features of Outlook i.e. email reminders-be your personal alarm clock. With this Outlook, users can set reminders for their meetings, appointment, dates, and events or come up events. This lets you remind important days of your friends and family like their birthdays, wedding anniversary, etc. This will also not let you miss your meetings and important conference. In all, this outlook app is really useful for all its users, as they use reminders for a variety of other to-do items, such as devoting time to an email or task. As, Outlook is one of the important and useful Email application in the corporate world, provided for easy mail gateway for users. Outlook mail platform is the major part of communication for users for day to day activities.  You can more information about Outlook features by calling Outlook Technical Support Number 1-855-205-4286 .

Email Reminders in Outlook Calendar is a great feature, and not only if you necessity a helpful email reminder furthermore to a calendar reminder, but also if you know you will need more information about that specific event. It is very easy to use Outlook calendar/datebook.

Here are the following measures to use calendar more easily:

  • Searching: – To search some of the stored important dates like birthdays, wedding or meeting dates then you need to simply type the name of the stored event. One can also simply enter the title and click on it to see it.
  • Creating a New Event: – It’s quite simple to add up a reminder or important event in the Outlook calendar. Thus, to create events just go to “New” option in the down arrow chooses to create a new event and then choose calendar event. Then fill the details in it.
  • Creating a new datebook: – Within the yahoo calendar, you can choose to make more than one calendar simultaneously. For example a calendar for reminders of family events, for meeting and another for holiday.

How to Make Email Reminders in Outlook Calendar?

  • Login to Outlook Calendar with your Microsoft email account.
  • Choose the event that you want to have an email reminder for.
  • Click “Edit” button in the box that comes up.
  • On the “Details” page for that event, click the link called “Add an email reminder”.
  • Select a reminder time from the “Email reminder” drop-down menu (like 12-14 minutes, two days, etc.) or select a custom date and time.
  • From the “Send a reminder to” menu, choose either “Me” or “All attendees”. This option defines whom the email should be sent to.
  • “All attendees” is only relevant if there are multiple people marked as going to the event. You can add their email addresses from the event’s Details page.
  • Now you have the option is to fill out the text area with a reminder message that you want to be included in the email.
  • At the top of the page, click “Save” button to submit the changes and return to the calendar.

In this way, you can easily add Outlook Calendar and get automatically email about your events in Outlook email account.

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