Conservative Dentistry at Raj Gidda Dental

Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry which deals in protecting and conserving the tooth structure as much as possible it includes many procedures which are purely meant to conserve the tooth structure. In this type of procedures, the tooth portion which is inflicted with caries is carefully drilled out with air rotor machine and the remaining tooth portion is conserved and evened out so that it may not get fractured or cracked. In the place of the empty space, a dental filling is done which seamless with the boundaries of the tooth and acts perfectly as a tooth structure. After a filling, a tooth is able to draw upon all the functions it is made to do whether it is chewing, mastication or esthetics.

Why conservative dentistry important?

Conservative dentistry is important because it provides teeth protection and does not include any surgical or invasive procedure. It is comparatively a short procedure which can promise a restored tooth in absolutely no time. One should always consult the dentist and ask for conservative procedures as much as possible.

Different methods of conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry includes many procedures among which simple cavity fillings are the most common.  Be it small kids to adults, all undergo a cavity preparation in a similar way. Also, it is the most effective and non-invasive method to get teeth perfected in absolutely no time. In cavity preparation, the tooth is drilled from the place where it is struck with caries. Now properly and slowly the tooth is dug and drilled out to remove the caries portion and the drilling is limited only to the caries region. Any drilling beyond that cannot be tolerated. When the cavity is prepared, the tooth is properly isolated from any saliva and dirt of mouth with the help of rubber dam in proper sterile conditions, tooth filling is done, no kind of contamination can be tolerated. Another method includes inlays and onlays. These are tooth fillings which are custom-made in the dental laboratory in a furnace. These kinds of fillings are done when the tooth structure that is to be restored is larger than normal. In this case, a wax pattern is made in the lab which is later replicated with the onlays or inlays.

Types of dental material used

Dental material plays a crucial role in conservative dentistry. Since the tooth strength is measured by the type of cement used, the material becomes an important part of conservative dentistry.

Here are some of the dental materials used.

  1. Glass ionomer cement
  2. Silver Amalgam
  3. Composite cement
  4. Custom-made metals
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