Liztek Bluetooth Receiver Now Available On Walmart

Liztek Bluetooth Receiver empowers your conventional music players with the power of Bluetooth. Earlier the device was available only on Amazon but recently the brand has made it available on Walmart as well.

We all have few devices which might get old with time but stands special place in our heart making them irreplaceable. Technology is boosting at an alarming speed and everyday a new product is launched in market. We cannot but them all but there are few supporting devices that helps to upgrade our old and obsolete devices. One such product is Bluetooth Receiver, it’s a tiny device but has the potent to empower your old music player or headphone with the feature of Bluetooth.
By connecting this device to your music player you can enjoy the songs stored in your smartphone in good quality sound. It’s a blessing especially for the people who do not want to change their old music player. Liztek is one pioneer brand manufacturing a wide array of products, including Bluetooth receiver and recently the brand has made its devices available on the leading e-commerce platform: Walmart. Earlier the device was available only on Amazon but with growing demand the brand decided to bring it on other e-commerce platforms as well. Liztek is known for its fine products serving it’s objective smoothly. The brand was embraced with overwhelming response on Amazon and is in stride to make more happy buyers from Walmart.
Though the device is quite small but it really works efficaciously gives smooth streaming from your smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled devices. It’s equipped with 3.5 mm jack, making it very easy to use. You just need to connect the Liztek Bluetooth Receiver to your music system or headphone and enjoy the smooth streaming of songs. It has got 3.5 mm male jack to be connected with music players and stereos and 3.5 mm female jack for headphones. The device connects wirelessly and gives a wide range of 33 ft with line of sight. Overall it’s wonderful device and performs it’s join in a hassle free manner.

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