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Among the several tasks performed by employers screening job applicants is one of the most essential actions that they take in order to acquire honest employees. If you are employers it is significant that you resort to employee background checks that provide you with insights into the work ethics of a prospective candidate and also allows you to check whether or not the candidate has any criminal records that could tarnish the reputation of your company. Cleared Match is a leading company providing reliable Background Screening Services For Employers.

Cleared Match is a company of private investigators skilled in searching for information. Cleared Match is your partner in employee background screening offering rich experience combined 40 plus years in security, human resources, and criminal and corporate investigations,

Today when most companies mandate compulsory background checks for their would-be employees to have effective understanding of their professional backgrounds, Cleared Match seeks to help employers with Employee Background Screening Services that offer several benefits to both company and employees. These screening services will increase the safety of your company and increase the productivity of your employees.

Since a background check helps ensure that your company will be hiring a person who has the right set of skills, qualifications, and experience, which in turn would help the candidate to easily adapt to the company. With these screening services you also minimize the chances of negligent lawsuits since the organization can be assured that the potential employee has a clean criminal record and has never been convicted.

Cleared Match is trusted amongst Employment Background Screening Companies for employee background checks that usually involve checking through various personal and public domain facts in order to know whether an individual is employable or not.

Some of the most notable records that Cleared Match usually looks through include employment history, educational verification, driving records, offender lists, references and more. They also at times go through an individual’s litigation record, social security number, drug tests, military records as well as financial information.

About Cleared Match 

Cleared Match is your partner in employee background screening. With a combined 40 plus years in security, human resources, and criminal and corporate investigations, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to assure you get the best data available before you make an employment decision and beyond.

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