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If we consider today’s technology,Wordpress is the most important name that is known to everyone.It is based on advanced technology and helps individual to create website where they can do blogging and even post contents on different topics.User could either access the premium as well as free service,it completely depends on their requirements.Individual may customize their settings and add unique effects by using “Appearance”.It is really smart to use but certain threats takes too much time to solve each specific problem.For getting help in such conditions,there is need to reach technical team immediately.

Issues that has been resolved by customer service team of WordPress:

How to use plugins in wordpress account?

How to customize settings and design depending on our requirements?

How to set a new theme for wordpress website?

How may I protect my wordpress site from serious threats?

How to post content on my wordpress website?

How to add images to my content?

How to reset the account password for the wordpress?

What are the best plugins for business?

How may I set the particular format to show the content?

People are there who needs help for any of the above solved bugs,they should connect with customer support team instantly.

For contacting the support team,it is required to reach WordPress support number .When the individual will dial it,account holders will be in direct contact of the customer service team.Users will get the better guidance from the support team and there i complete insurance that individual will never dissatisfied.Account holders will be charged with certain amount of fee and it will be too low to pay by anyone.

How the individual could change theme of wordpress?

It is first required to go to the wordpress website

User should now select the option of “Theme”

There is now need to click the three dots to the right of the themes name

Select the option of “Activate”

The active theme will be shown at the very top of “My Sites”

Individual should now see that whether the problem get solved or not

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