‘Action Learning’ With Smartsims

Action learning is once again starting to gain popularity as a method to improve performance, promote learning, and position organisations to adapt better in turbulent times. It is also seen as a method to develop the capabilities of individuals, teams, and overall organisations. The suggested path for most effective learning is through knowing yourself and your capacity to learn.

The journey is complicated by the processes that have been successfully used in the past, as well as group interest in, and knowledge of, the subject you wish to learn. For example, it may be easy for you to learn physics but difficult to learn tennis, or vice versa. Action learning, and all learning, is a process which settles itself logically into certain steps, if done correctly.

Action learning is a learning and problem-solving strategy for organisations, whether commercial, government or non-profit. The focus is to increase employees’ learning capacity within an organisation, while responding to a real-world challenge in a cross-departmental team.

Action learning begins with a period of strategic questioning of the problem; sets action items and goals; regroups to analyze progress; and reflects upon, and documents, the process.  Groups are formed to solve real problems, not to make recommendations. They are empowered and trusted with the necessary resources to take on the issue, and as a derivative can present the organization with new procedures that build the productive power of the organisation.

Action learning always begins with a clearly defined organisational opportunity or problem. Its objective, set by the management leadership team, should be clear and significant. Next, the team is fully empowered to bring the challenge to a successful conclusion.  An ad hoc action team of four to eight people, voluntary or appointed, with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience is often employed.

More and more universities, colleges and corporations will be turning to action learning because it is viewed as a way of transforming the culture and providing continuous learning. Some view it as the portal or gateway to learning organizations. Most importantly, they have found it an excellent tonic for driving performance improvement and accomplishing rapid results.

A perfect way to adopt action learning is through business simulations. To succeed, participants must apply knowledge to a live, responsive environment, as they address a variety of different challenges as the management team of their own virtual company. Smartsims Business Simulations provide a safe and fun platform to apply strategy and management theory in a competitive and exciting learning environment.

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