Express Emergency Services launches a new website to facilitate its emergency home improvement and repair services

Miami, FL 19th December, 2017 – Express Emergency Services has announced the launch of a brand new website. The company says that the site and its all new features will facilitate delivery of emergency home improvement services and other repairs. Express Emergency also feels that the new site will make it easier for homeowners with emergency issues to reach its team faster.

Express Emergency Services has been offering emergency home repairs and home improvement service in Florida for quite some time. The company has also worked with commercial property owners in various projects including black mold removal. A new site is a big plus for Express Emergency Services. It will play a central role in cementing the success the company has seen so far in this sector.

Express Emergency Services has added that there are a number of great features customers should look out for in the site. To start with, it’s now possible for customers to get free estimates for whatever service they have in mind. This could be flood damage or any other type of damage they are dealing with.

The company also says that navigation and usability of the new website is very good. Customers can be able to find what they want anytime. They will also have the chance to order smoke damage and restoration services on the website’s homepage without any hassles at all.

This is the kind of efficiency Express Emergency Services was really hoping to achieve with the new site and it will be interesting to see how customers will respond to it. The mold testing service is however confident things will work out fine in the end. If you need more information about the firm and how it works please visit

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