Guaranteed Instant Decisions on all Bridging Loan Requests

UK based Bridge loan provider, Bridge Direct has today confirmed that they will continue to offer their free, no obligation instant decision on all bridge loan applications.

Bridge Direct are able to do this because they are direct lenders, and not brokers. This means they have direct access to the lending funds and when you call Bridge Direct, you can be assured you are speaking with a direct decision maker. By taking out a bridge loan with Bridge Direct, you can bypass the un-necessarily complex credit checks and due diligence processes associated with brokers and mortgages.

When you submit an application for a bridge loan with Bridge Direct will get an instant decision on your applications, and in some cases, funds can even be transferred on the same day. The team at Bridge Direct are all extremely skilled in bridging and the general financial area, and with more than 30 years of expertise and over £12 million in lending funds, you can be assured Bridge Direct will be able to find the right loan for you and your situation.

With the current growth in the property marketplace, now it’s become more and more difficult to secure properties in desirable locations, simply because buyers are ready to snap them up as soon as they come onto the market. Time is a significant asset when purchasing property, and the speed in which you can secure a loan can be the deciding factor on whether you secure the purchase or not.

This type of situation demonstrates where bridge loans can become a fantastic solution to the problem, as not only can you secure the funds quickly and simply, but by using a bridge loan you don’t have to rely on the sale of your existing property.

The most significant benefit of bridge mortgages and bridging finance in general is in its accessibility. You are able to obtain quick financial assistance without being exposed to the strict set criteria and credit checks associated with bank loans and mortgages.

So, if you are a UK resident and looking for instant finance with a guaranteed instant decision, then choose Bridge Direct. When you apply for a bridge loan with Bridge Direct each deal is assessed on its individual merits, so no matter your situation Bridge Direct may be able to find a bridge loan deal for you, even if you have bad or adverse credit. They operate with no credit checks, accept 1st and 2nd charges and will offer their guaranteed instant decision on all bridge loan applications.

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