Dr. Sam Khoury Most Trusted Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth West Chester PA

Impacted wisdom teeth are the ones that have not yet erupted through your gum tissue. Whether wisdom teeth are impacted or not, having them removed necessarily involves surgery. Oral surgeon Dr. Sam Khoury is most trusted for Wisdom Teeth West Chester PA extraction. This surgery is required to help you avoid future dental problems such as pain, infection, an abscess or damage to adjacent teeth. Similar to almost any other type of surgery, some discomfort and recovery time is to be expected after wisdom teeth removal.

At Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons, P.C., Dr. Sam Khoury and his attentive team help you in any way needed so that you are fully aware and prepared for what you can expect post-surgery, so your recovery will go as smoothly as possible.

The spectrum of oral care treatments offered by an experienced team of Dr. Khoury here, includes full mouth dental implants, bleeding gums treatments, gum surgery, receding gums surgery, implant dentures.

Dr. Sam Khoury with his expert team of practicing periodontal professionals here at drsamkhoury.com are known for offering everything, from gentle dentistry to complex dental procedures. Thus, this can be your stop destination, where you will find services according your need and effective to solve your problem and to keep your smile, sparkling, healthy and at its best, that too at highly affordable rates.

First of all, it is essential for you to know that whether you or your young adult child is the patient, you can expect to be very groggy after surgery because of anesthesia. Dr. Sam Khoury has obtained the Periodontal Degree and pursued the Advanced Anesthesia training from the Ohio State University.

After surgery for Wisdom Teeth Exton PA extraction, some bleeding is natural. Dr. Khoury and his team will place gauze pads over the surgery site; leave these in place for the first hour after surgery and bite down gently.

Post Wisdom Teeth Media PA surgery and removal oral hygiene is important and you must take care not to disturb the surgery sites. Rinse your mouth gently with a mild salt water solution after meals and at least twice or three times a day. It is essential to remember that you do not spit—simply allow the water to drip from your mouth into the sink.

About Drsamkhoury.com:

Dr. Sam Khoury, DDS MS is a Periodontist Yardley PA offering personalized dental care for sufferers across the nation. He is the senior editor of the nationalized journal Implant Periodontics Alert, and is also Founder of DDS Implant Study Club & the Newtown Spear Study Club.

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