How to book Cheap Flight Tickets to Lima

Get to know about top destinations of Lima and get the cheap tickets for it !!

Lima is a beautiful city located in Peru that is in the Rimac and Chillon’s valley. Lima is one of the largest city of Peru. Lima is surrounded by the coastal areas of Peru and also has various places for its tourist attraction. The Lima metropolitan area of Lima is known as this name when Lima is considered together with the sea port. The population of Lima is around 10 million people which makes it as the highly populated city of Peru.

Lima is now considered as the best place to travel in Peru as it has amazing destinations that people can visit with their family or friends. If we talk about the history of this place then, Francisco Pizarro is the man behind the foundation of this place.

On the other hand, people willing to visit this place should first of all get to know about its top destinations so that they can easily travel and can enjoy their experience. Therefore, some of the major destinations of Lima are as followed :

  • Government palace : this place is also termed as the House of Pizzaro that is for the Peruvian Government and also for its official members of Peru. this place is basically a seat of executive branch for the President of Peru.
  • Cathedral Basilica of St.John the Apostle and Evangelist, Lima : this place is a Roman Catholic that is situated in the Plaza mayor of Lima in Peru. since its launch in 1935, this cathedral has seen many reconstructions and renovations to make it more attractive for the tourist.
  • Monastery of San Francisco, Lima : Monastery of San Francisco is also known as Convento de San Francisco is located at the south of Parque la Muralla in Peru.

Furthermore, these are some of the places that the people can visit in Lima and can enjoy to the fullest. Besides, if people are planning to travel to this place then they can book cheap flight tickets to lima and can explore the place. There are various airline services like JetBlue airlines, Virgin airlines, Delta airlines etc that offer low cost flight tickets to Lima.

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