Amenities corporate voyagers search in their hotel while traveling

Attending meetings, conferences, visiting a client or to meet some other business purpose the corporate traveler and subsequently the corporate travel has turned into a lucrative market. Today’s business traveler is not content with just clean beddings and washrooms what they want is actually a lot more than that.

Apart from online travel booking and travel management to have a long-term relationship with corporate sector there are certain things which each hotelier should know about.

1.Smooth &simple for corporates

Exhausted due to continuous traveling, pressure from seniors to crack deals, separation from family for a period, hassles of the airport all can accumulate to stress-up any business traveler. Hotelier must ensure each process from room services to billing flexible and comfortable for them for a long-haul relationship.

2.Flexible Check-in and check-out

The most business traveler would require their check-in and check-out either according to their flight time or their own comfort.


Free Wi-Fi, breakfast, bar, gym and many more such services are generally expected by each corporate traveler with no extra charge from their pocket.

4.Comfortable work-desk

Most business travelers need an office away from the office for upgrading their office work. A work desk with comfortable seating, lighting, sufficient and appropriately placed power outlets and if possible with a lap desk and of course a peaceful environment is expected when they return to their room.

5.Seamless booking process

Optimize your booking process through a best designed B2B travel website. A seamless online travel booking and travel management are likely to attract more corporates.

6.Conference arrangements

To conduct their meetings and business-related talks hotels having conference or meeting rooms with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment is sometimes the prerequisite of many corporates traveling in groups.

7.Recreational facilities

Swimming pools, gyms, and some sports activities within the hotel which they could use to de-stress and energize themselves is appreciated by corporates. For extremely tired business travelers who would like to stay in the room the entertainment facilities like play station, free wi-fi or watching a movie on flat screen HDTV could also be great ideas for their pleasurable stay.

8.Airport shuttle service

They would love to have a complimentary gesture of airport pick-up and drop-off than going through the tiring process of purchasing a rental car and getting lost on some wrong turn or rambling in city traffic.

9.Business center

The hotels with a fully equipped business center such as fax machines, computers, printer, copier, and other gadgets are given preference over those which don’t have one.

10.24/7 services

To draw in and retain more corporate traveler’s availability of housekeeping around the clock to facilitate guests with clean room, fresh towels, laundry without delay reduce the hassles of a business traveler to some extent.

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