FreeFeet Makes Travelling Easier with Their Stylish and Efficient Electric Skateboards


FreeFeet Technology Co, Ltd.
Street – Digital Technology Park, Gaoxin 7th Road South
City – Shenzhen
State – Guangdong
Post Code –92868
Country – China
Website –
Email –
Telephone – +86 139 0294 6185

Guangdong (China), 28th November 2017: Known for their wide range of stylish, smart and efficient electric skateboards, FreeFeet Technology has made travelling a lot easier than before. Their phenomenal variety of e-skateboards is impressive in terms of designs, performance and eco-friendliness. Along with selling these products, they provide repair services as well.

Mia Geller, a famous yoga instructor in China, said, “I have been searching for efficient and stylish electric skateboards for quite some time now. But, none of the companies were able to meet my requirements. Finally, a fellow yoga practitioner asked me to take a look at the collection offered by FreeFeet Technology. I visited their website and immediately ordered one. And trust me, it was undoubtedly the best electric skateboard I ever owned. I use it for regular transportation as well as for fun! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in search of a good and stylish skateboard.”

Why FreeFeet?

Reasons to Choose FreeFeet Technology Co. Ltd

  • Wide Range of User-friendly Products
  • Online Support
  • Certified Company
  • Excellent Battery Backup
  • 6-months Warranty
  • Eco-friendly Medium of Transportation
  • Portable Boards
  • Affordable Prices
  • Best Brands
  • Repairing Services Provided

Other Products Offered by FreeFeet:

  • Mountain boards
  • Electric Scooters
  • Longboards

All the products of FreeFeet Technology Co. Ltd. are warranted and safe for all kinds of riders. To know more about their products or to purchase the best electric scooter or skateboard, kindly visit their official website which is

About FreeFeet Technology Co. Ltd: Being one of the most leading companies in the world of electric skateboards, scooters and longboards, FreeFeet Technology Co. Ltd has created a rage in the world of modern transports. To purchase their efficient, stylish and affordable scooters or skateboards, please visit their official website which is


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