FIFA 18 Ronaldo Starring the Cover pic – Lets build an Ultimate team

Some players like Cristiano Ronaldo also benefit from completely exclusive movements, with the Coverstar even their own motion capture recordings were made.


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On that place


There’s also a lot going on at FIFA 18 in the game only at fifa 18 free coins . Tactics lovers can look forward to more attitudes and better player implementation. In addition, according to EA, the players are better off than on FIFA 17 and intelligently run into free space. According to the developer, the wings are again more in focus.


My personal highlight is the quick replacements ( quick-subs ). Before the game, you can plan replacements and perform a game break by simply pressing a button. Thus, the long pauses from the predecessors can be handled easily. Very convenient coin master android hack!


The new lights in the various stages provide for better optics. EA wants to ensure that, for example, places in South America differ from places in Europe. The whole thing is rounded off by new goals, which of course can not be missed. In FIFA 18 you can even celebrate with the fans in the stadium.


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