Must-have Personality Traits to get Hired


Today, getting employed is not as simple as it was in the last few years. Every year, thousands of qualified professionals enter the job market. We all know that in an interview employers look out for things like qualification, knowledge and skills, but the most significant criterion which is slightly overlooked is the candidate’s personality or attitude. Here are a few essential personality traits which you must possess to become employable and also to succeed in your chosen career.

  • Discipline

This is obviously the most important personality trait that an employer looks out for in a prospective employee. To present yourself as a disciplined professional follow simple conventions such as being punctual, dressing properly, offering a firm handshake with a smile, etc. It has been reported that discipline and professionalism are some of the top traits (almost 86%) that employers search while hiring.

  • Flexibility

Being flexible has its own advantages, as the only thing that is constant in today’s world is change. Companies look out for professionals who are open to change and can mould themselves as per requirements. A person should also be passionate to learn new things while working.

  • Determination

Candidates who are determined and self-motivated can be an asset to a company as they can work hard with or without guidance. Call attention to your work where you have excelled independently without any leadership. This trait is especially important if you have sales-based experience.

  • Interpersonal Skills

    A company generally prefers those people who they think can fit in well with their work culture. Companies look out for people who have great communication skills and can work well as a team-member. A person who is liked by his co-workers, clients and bosses is a great asset to any organization.

  • Dedication

An employee should be passionately dedicated to his work. Bringing energy to work, taking initiative and going the extra mile to get the work completed shows employee dedication.

  • Confidence

This list cannot be completed without mentioning, Confidence, one of the most important personality traits that employers look out for. A candidate who is confident of himself and his work can reach great levels in his professional career. Also, according to a recent survey almost 61% employers look out for candidates who are confident.

A degree from Sri Bajali Society (considered by many to be the best PGDM college in Pune) along with the above mentioned personality traits can ensure you a successful career. In fact, Descipline, Dedication and Determination is Sri Baliji Society’s motto with which the institute works. So if you are trying to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, weave these personality traits carefully into your resume, have a positive attitude and get ready to have a successful professional life. Good Luck!

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