Desuperheater | What is a Desuperheater?


Desuperheater is known as a secondary heat exchanger device that transfers heat efficiently from the earth in the winter season and from your house in the summer, into your domestic hot water tank.

Desuperheaters are crucial components used in the thermal management of heat from power generation sources to industrial uses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.


When gas is used for heating or other heat transfer or in industrial processes, it is most efficient when saturated. It is a device that lowers the temperature of superheated gas so that it can be used efficiently for heating or for other industrial use. This gas temperature minimization is also called as attemperation, is performed by the desuperheater water heater (a device that injects a prescribed amount of water into a gas flow stream).

The general purpose, of this device is to provide effective and continuous heat transfer between gas and water. And a highly effective desuperheater application and design ensures that costly problems to be avoided, including general wear of downstream piping and equipment, long startup and shutdown times, and reduced process efficiency.

Desuperheater Working Principle/ Function:

 The primary function of a desuperheater water heater is to minimize the temperature of superheated gas and other vapors. This temperature reduction is achieved by the process vapor being brought into direct contact with a liquid such as water. The injected water is then evaporated.

Desuperheater Design:

 Double Walled “Tube in Tube “, vented, counter flow heat exchanger. Vent tube having serrations on inner & outer surfaces to avoid cross contamination of refrigerant and water/ fluid. Each tube has a tube inside that allows water/ fluid to travel in an opposite direction.

Desuperheater Installation:

 The Maniks Desuperheater Water Heater is placed before the condenser and the oil separator. The ammonia refrigerant travels through the different tubes in the to lower the refrigerant temperature before entering the condenser. The Water heater is manufactured considering the hot water requirements for industrial processes. When the needs of refrigeration and hot water are not simultaneous, a “Recirculation” type system is provided in which hot water is generated, stored & maintained in a separate insulated tank. This stored hot water then can be utilized as and when required for future use.

 There are two types of refrigerants on which desuperheaters operate:

1) Freon: Maniks desuperheater works on Freon refrigerant gas to extract the superheated refrigerant and use it for other purposes. Therefore this heat if used for boiling water in hotels, restaurants etc users can get free of cost water.

2) Ammonia: Ammonia is the oldest one of all the refrigerants and it is still widely used in the refrigeration and air conditioning applications. It is also the only refrigerant outside the halocarbons group, still being used to a great extent.

Ammonia is less expensive and used as refrigerant largely in the many refrigeration systems of food industry like ice creams plants, dairies, cold storage warehouses, frozen food and production plants, processors of poultry, fish and meat and many other applications. Maniks desuperheater works on ammonia refrigerant gas to extract the superheated refrigerant and use it for other purposes. Therefore this heat if used for boiling water in hotels, restaurants etc users can get free of cost water.


Desuperheater Benefits:

1) Heating water with a desuperheater water heater costs about 95 percent less in a cooling dominated climate, and up to 80 percent less in a heating dominated climate, as compare to heating your domestic water with an electric, oil, or propane fired hot water heater. Today the cost of natural gas savings is about 15 percent less, not as drastic a savings as the others, but saving on your bills is still saving on your bills!

2) In the summers, heating your domestic water is “completely” free. This is because the heat that is being extracted from your household devices is transferred into your hot water tank. Since this extra heat from inside of your home devices was going to be rejected (i.e. thrown outside) into the earth anyway, putting it into your hot water tank instead is free. The only cost for the summer water heating is the small cost of running the circulating pump that moves the water.


Desuperheater Water Heater Segment Wise Applications:


Why Maniks Desuperheater?

Maniks is the most reputed Indian brand with a history of 30 years for manufacturing valves and other devices used in applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The company was started by Mr. Shekhar Kulkarni, an IIT Mumbai alumnus, with a vision to substitute imported products with Indian make products. The primary aim was to produce reliable products with excellent quality and service.


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